Friday, March 30, 2012

Holy Week

Holy week was the last week of lent. It is the last week until Easter. First Jesus entered Jerusalem. He rode on a donkey, that’s the day of Palm Sunday.

After that Jesus went to the temple and the people made it into a market place. Jesus wasn’t really happy about this, so he told the people “Get out of my father’s house”. Later on when he calmed down he healed the leaper's. Now this part didn’t make Jesus fix his problem well, because the high priests were going to find a way to take him, because Jesus was touching dirty people and the high priests didn’t like this.

Jesus had the last supper with his disciples, Jesus said “Take this bread of my body and this wine for my blood, do this in memory of me”. He bless it.

Next Jesus went up to the mountain, to pray to his father, God. In his prayers he told God that he was scared but he would die on the cross.      

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Opinion

My opinion on this movie is that it was very, very clever.
I like it is very clever because the glowing in the dark and the actions to, it was very well practisedI think that 
the movie was very magic and scary, I wouldn't want to  dance in the dark. It was well performed and well planned. My favourite part was when they were floating in the air.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Describing Rubbish

Compost is made out of yucking food that is wasted. It is also expired, it could sometimes be rotten.

Recyclables are often made out of plastic bottles and news paper. It is often cracked and sometimes ripped.

Trash is made out of unwanted things, like smelly socks or disgusting teddy bears. It is old and terrible.

Week 7 studylader cetificate

This week in maths we went on study ladder.I did number carts.I enjoyed 
watching the videos.   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is a picture of a candle,and a cross. I chose this picture because the cross is a Symbol of how Jesus took away our sins, and the candle is a Symbol of the light of Jesus.

The Four Cyberpets

The Four Cyberpets
Octopus - Si
Stingray - Snuffles
Jelly fish - Curly
Turtle: Kaha

There once were four cyberpets called Si the Octopus, Snuffles the Stingray, Curly the jelly- fish and Kaha the Turtle. They all lived in the deep blue sea with a lot of different sea creatures that were very friendly. They liked to play together with other sea creatures in the northern sea when they travailed together.

The games they liked to play most are Hide and Seek and Fish, fish, shark! The four best creatures likes to eat seaweed, sea bugs and mermaid tails .The four Cyber friends lived together in the octopus garden with their parents and families.
One day the four friends were watering there garden,then suddenly they couldn’t see  anything, only glass in the middle of nowhere.They were trapped because,some fisher men were fishing by the cyberpets garden and they caught them .The four cyberpets called and called for help but no one could hear them because they were stuck inside glass.

They were so worried that they would never see their parents again.They didn't want that to happen to them. They tried to swim back but they were stuck. Then when a little girl arrived she saw the  four cyberpets and she asked the man “Can I please have those pets because I am so lonely and I have no friends and I am very sad.Please can I have those pets” So the man said “Okay,” But sadly they never got to see their parents again. So the four Cyberpets lived happily ever after together with the girl.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Choosing time

This  afternoon I had some choosing time
and I went onto study ladder.This is a screen shot of what I did.