Friday, February 21, 2014

The Gospel Reading

Luke 6:27-37  
Responses - " Be Kind 
to those who HATE you, Lend money to those who won't pay it back. Love Those who hate you, not those who will love you back. If you lend someone your coat, Don't try to get it back. Love your Enemies."

My Prayer
Dear God, 
I'm so sorry for sometimes not trying to live like you. I am so sorry for the times I've hated my enemies instead of  loving them. I'm sorry for not following your words. I'll try to lend money to people and I'll try to love those who hate me. I try to love my Enemies. 

Maths Number Problem

1. Sally had 56 apples. She gave away 7 apples to her friend Anna, and she ate 9 apples. How many are left??
Strategy : 7 - 56 = 49 and 49 - 9 = 40
So the answer is 40. 
- From this I've learnt how to take away from numbers. 

2. Sam was given 50 dollars from his birthday. He gave 20 dollars to his parents, and 11 dollars were stolen.  How much money was left over?
Strategy : 50 - 20 = 30 and 30 - 11 = 19 
So the answer is 19
-From this I've learnt how to take away and use the answer from the equation  and takeaway from that number.

3. Nicole has a collection of the Frangipani Flowers. She has 100 flowers altogether. For her 11th birthday she was given another set of Flowers. But this time she got a set of Lilly flowers . If she was to times the amount of lilly flowers twice she would get the number 40.
How much Lilly flowers did she receive.

Strategy : 20 x 2 = 40 so there is 40 lilly flowers. 100 + 40 = 140. 
- I've learnt from this how to multiply big numbers .

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basketball Experience

Tuesday 11th February
My experience on playing Basketball was tiring.
Some of the things that I’ve learnt about basketball  I didn't even know about. To be quite honest I don’t know how to play Basketball,  but I’ve learnt skills that lead up to playing.

At first I was really nervous, but throughout the lesson I gain my confidence. I have learnt how to do many skills. First we learnt how to Jump Stop and pivot. Jump Stopping is when your running and to stop you Jump Stop. The other skills that we have learnt was  dribbling.  

There are different types of dribbling like; ankle dribbling and bongo dribbling. We had to pair up and pass the ball to each other after dribbling. My Partner was Jane. The type of passing that Basketball use is Chest Passing.
After that we splitted up in two groups, it was the boys and girls. There were  2 hula hoops on each side and in the hula hoops there were 3 balls. From each from 3 people had to run around a basketball hoop, and run to the balls. The hoop on the right was where the girls ran to, and the other hoop was where the boys ran to. 

When that was done we had to go to the other hoop and try to shoot 3 balls in before the whistle has blowed. I cheered as loud as I could to keep my team motivated. At the end there were alot of sweaty faces and tired people.  What a Day!



What is a Explanation

What is an Explanation?
An explanation a statement or account that makes something clear. Like for example if somebody is talking about Waitangi. To make an explanation about Waitangi is: Waitangi day was held in 1841, it was a ceremony for the Maori and British to sign a Treaty. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holiday Recount - Going to Australia

Monday 10th February
During the holidays, I experienced different events I went to Australia. The most depressing event was when school ended. When school ended I didn't have anything to do. As the Holiday’s started to begin the days dragged as I  thinking about Australia. It was like walking up a very steep hill with heavy rocks. Some days were very merry like when going visit relatives.

Happy days, Finally the day has come. All the dreadful, and painful days had just ended . The night before going to Australia I had to go with my Aunty and Uncle. My Aunty and Uncle had invited me on their trip to Australia. Our flight was early in the morning, so we had to wake up early. I ended up going to sleep for 2 hours. I knew that when I  got use to Australia it was going to be hard to leave.

Arriving to Australia I wasn't sure of what the weather was going to be like. I've heard about it being really hot but since we were in the Airport, I thought that the climate was going to be like New Zealand. But I was wrong, The weather was extremely hot. The first week was a blast! Going to the Mall and spending time with my family, was such a memorie. Something devastating happened in Australia.

My niece got very, very sick and had to visit the Hospital. On Christmas Day I got sick, so the whole day I did nothing. I pretty much had the worst Christmas ever. New Years we had to spend 6 hours long hours Praising God, For the rest of the week was pretty much doing nothing.

The second week was very emotional for me. First of all not knowing that the first week went quickly, and second of all I was going to miss my Cousin. That hot burning sun is  like New Zealand. But I knew that I’ll be back in New Zealand in no time. We ended of the last Saturday by going to Movie World. It was located in Gold coast which is pretty far from where we were.

That day the weather was over 40 degrees. I was sweating like someone coming out of a pool. Just looking at the rides gave me unstoppable butterflies.  But throughout the day I gain my confidence. What a Day! Sad times, I knew this day was going to come. But to end off 2 long weeks,  We went to the mall to do our last shopping. Then it was time.

Having a chance to survive during a heatwave at a theme park was quite an experience. Finally everything went back to normal. We Arrived  in New Zealand. Back to Chores and Babysitting, I can’t wait for the next Holidays.

Welcome to 2014!

Welcome everyone to my blog for 2014.
I'm going to post different things at different times during the year. This year I'm in Room 7 and my Teacher is Mrs Tui.
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