Saturday, May 30, 2015

World War II

Recently we have been reading books based on War. We were asked to find 10 facts that is based on World War II. It was quite interesting and exciting finding these new facts. 
I hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Retreat Writing

Excitement traveled around my body, as I walked into the classroom. A wave of anxiety hit me. What if I kept on asking myself. But in the end all of that didn’t matter.
The previous night I thought about what would happen.

Water prickled my eyes when saying goodbye to my fellow friends and family.  I think that getting into the car was the hardest part.  The music exploded into my ears like strikes of thunder, it was unpleasant yet satisfying. A heaven like scene appeared  before our eyes. Gorgeous flowers bloomed all over the bushes, the place was green with a hint of colour.

A tall strange building stood in middle of a bush. It seemed to be a peaceful and relaxing place.  It took my eyes  some time to adjust to the place. It was very different from our city life. Mrs Tui explained it quite well. Inside of the building was astonishing and breathtaking. It was a very quiet and calm place for people to reflect.

The house was filled with joy and colour. We did alot of activities to do with leadership, which was a bonus. A divide scent filled the building. My mouth filled with water smelling this heaven like scent. It made me think about what the food will taste like. As we walked down the stairs, the scent got stronger. Heaven was waiting for us I thought.

Throughout the 2 days of retreat, I had learnt the qualities and skills of being a leader. I also learnt more about my fellow year 8 friends. It was like a life lesson in two days, which seems quite impossible.  I enjoyed Josephine and Brother Philip's company. This experience is one I will remember for a long period of time.

Retreat 2015

Last week the Year 8's, got the chance to go to a 
Retreat in Mt. Roskill. It was an amazing experience for me, where I've learnt alot of leadership skills. We had to create a one minute movie, filled with photo's & captions. I hope you enjoy my Movie:-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Holy Strand : The Temptation

Learn :-
  • To identify how Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit to do his mission  - The TEMPTATION

  • To  retell the events of Pentecost through news report.

  • To  identify how the Holy Spirit worked in the life of the apostles.

Create :-

Read & Watch:

Watch the videos - choose one video and watch through Video Notes.

1. What happened? - list what happened
  • Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights in the desert. He became very hungry
  • Jesus was tempted by the devil to do many things he didn't want to do.
2. Who was there
  • Jesus
  • Devil
3.Where was it happened?
  • This happened in the desert
4. How has the Spirit worked in Jesus?
  • The Holy Spirit moved in Jesus, to make the right decisions. It helped him to stick to his faith

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hoy Spirit Strand

Image result for jesus being baptized
Learn :-  
To identify how Jesus was empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Create :-
Title -   The sky has unlocked, with a  deafening echo.

Reporters- Sonya, Jane and Hola:

We are reporting live from River Jordan where an amazing incident had just happened. When a man named Jesus is about to be  baptised by John the Baptist, The sky unlocked wide open, a strange voice rumbled & a dove flew down. This could be the most amazing and scariest thing that has happened in History. Everyone is in panic,and anxious to see what is about to happen. According to a friend of Jesus this scene was one of a kind.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

First Swimming Lesson


When I think of Swimming I imagine a lot of fun and excitement. That’s what happened this morning. Except it wasn't me having the fun, it was everyone else. I couldn't  contain myself as people entered the pool. I was very jealous and angry. I really wanted to swim, but sadly I can’t.

Everyone had been put into two groups according to their strengths and weaknesses. It looked very exciting and fun in the swimming pool. Room 7 learned the basics of swimming. We have two instructors, Emma & Joseph.  The water felt very cold. It felt cold to me, but it felt warm to the others.     

My misery turned into happiness when they were finished. It made me happy seeing them sad. I could just see them as they came out of the pool shivering. I can not wait until I get to swim.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mothers Day Description

My mother reminds me of a coconut, hard outside, sweet inside. She’s one tough cookie. No one could ever replace the way my mother is. She has a loving nature, especially towards her family and tamariki. My mum is a miracle worker; she’s the best.

Mum has fair skin, and long brown beautiful hair. I love looking at her hair, it makes me jealous. She is not what I would call a normal mother. She's very busy , but seems to make time for her children. I do not how she does it, but she seems to manage 5 naughty girls quite well. Mum is my wonder women.

She would do anything to make me happy. She’s the most strongest mother I know. She gets her beauty from my Nana. I bet she could break through rocks or kill snake if she could. She was brought up in a  big family. I was brought up very strictly.

I didn't see the point of being so strict growing up, but now I do. My mother has been through a big roller-coaster, and is still trying to get up the steepest hill. That’s how much she would do for her family.    Whenever I don't feel quite sure about something, my mother is the one to help me decide. She's like my map, when I'm lost I can rely on her to get me back on track.

My mother is very old fashioned. Even when she growls at me I understand why. I would do anything to make my mother happy, she’s more than just a mother figure to me. She’s my best friend, one that I can trust.

The Holy Spirit Scriptures

Learning Intention :- To recognise how God was perceived by the people in the Old Testament
Images of God portrayed in the scripture
images found online to reflect the scripture
Psalm 103 : 13
Image result for father and child
Image result for Psalm 103 : 13
Isaiah 49 : 15
Image result for mother & baby
Image result for Isaiah 49 : 15
Deuteronomy 32: 11
Image result for Deuteronomy 32: 11
Image result for Deuteronomy 32: 11
Psalm 23
Image result for shepherd
Image result for Psalm 23
Ezekiel 17 : 22 - 24
Image result for birds protecting their young
Image result for Ezekiel 17 : 22 - 24

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

500 Word Assignment

We were given a deadline to write a 500 word writing. We had a few options to pick from. I chose to write about my favourite day. I ended up having 527 words, and managed to finish it before the deadline hit. I hope you enjoy my writing as I did. 

I have alot of memories, and some of them I would consider a favourite day of mine. But there is this one day out of all of them that I treasure the most. The day I went to Samoa.

The day started with beautiful weather. The sun was as hot  a oven, I felt like I was a fried chicken. It was Sunday, so we had to go Church. I was so excited. I was excited as chicken having an egg. I couldn’t wait. After church we rushed to the airport, it was like a police chase. When we got there we waited for our family to arrive.

My family and I were going with my Grandmother. I knew that it was going to be hard saying goodbye to my family. I was balling my eyes out, the emotion hit me. It felt like we were going forever. It seemed like that as well. Going onto the plane and flying to another country was different to me. I had never left the country, so it that was exciting as well.

As the plane took off I felt my butterflies going up in my stomach. The longer the flight took, the longer I wanted to be in Samoa. When we landed the air conditioner turned on. I didn’t know why but I was about to find out. As we walked down the stairs, I could just feel how thick the air was. I could hardly breath. What made it worse was that there was no conditioner in the Airport.

The night greeted us as we drove into  town. I could hardly see anything, in Samoa there is no lights to show you the way like in New Zealand.  Everything was different in Samoa. As we pulled up into the driveway of our house, I could hear dogs barking I was very scared. It took awhile a get out of the car but eventually I survived.

Throughout the 2 weeks we got the chance to visit alot of own sights. It was heartbreaking seeing the poverty in Samoa. We also got the chance to go to a waterfall. It was very beautiful and scarring. It was very deep so we had to be very careful. Every morning we had to wait for my uncle to pick us up. And for the rest of the day we would spend time with them.

The reason why we went to Samoa was because we had a family reunion. I didn't know anyone in my family, so it was hard to figure who they were. But I was determined to find out who they were. On the second week we  had Christmas with our family. It was like a normal Sunday Lunch but we had Ice- Cream afterwards.

On the last day we had a water fight with my cousins. It was very fun and exciting. We had to give some of our clothes to them. I spent my last day with the dogs. I was crying my eyes out, I couldn't believe it.

As we walked into the airport tears prickled my face, but I was thankful for going on the trip.

My Holiday's Recount

I stared at the flat box, the box stared back. Life felt bland and boring. As I hear the engine of a car, I jumped up. I knew that I was going to the Movies. I was spending time with my aunty and her family.

When everyone was ready we zoomed off.  I could see the big tall buildings waving. As we walked into the cinema, butterflies hit my stomach. I was very exciting and curious about what the movie would be like. Before entering the movies we grabbed popcorn and drinks.

We were a couple of minutes early so we had to watch the
ads. Finally the movie started, I was overwhelmed by the excitement in the room. Throughout the 2 hours of the movie,  there were alot of action scenes. I love watching the Fast & Furious series.

At the end of the movie played a song in remembrance of Paul Walker. It was draining and very sorrowful. I  was quite heartbroken that the movie had ended, but very happy that I watched it.

Deborah Presentation

In Room 7 we  had to create a presentation, on 
a person of the following. Deborah, Solomon & Isaiah. I chose Deborah because I don't know that much about her. I hope you learn something from this presentation, as for I did.