Friday, December 11, 2015

Final Post for 2015

We have come to the end of our journey here at
 Saint Pius.
 My journey here at Saint Pius X Catholic School has been indelible because throughout the years I have experienced unforgettable events. I will always treasure my time here at Saint Pius X Catholic School.
Here is a short video from our Year 8 Leavers Mass.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Best Piece of Writing 2015

“We will  be going in 10 minutes!” shouted Mrs Tui. She struggled to get everyone’s attention. Her words were lost. “Wait up Sia!” I yelled. My legs tiredly walked until I reached my destination. “Make sure to stay with your group” instructed Mrs Tui. The sun was like an  oven, burning everything and anything under it.

“We are finally here” I thought to myself. The sound of loud engines distracted my thought. “Our train will come in 8 minutes, make sure to stay together” commanded Mrs Tui. “ Are you excited?” inquired Ierei. I cheerfully   shook my head. “Mind the gap” a unfamiliar voice popped up.
“We are now arriving at Panmure” the robotic voice announced. My heart was in my throat.

We walked from the train station to Skate Land. Skateland is  beside Mount Wellington. “It doesn’t look  big” I thought. That thought changed once I stepped into the building. “Wow.” I was astonished.  Their was a big skating rink and spectator seats surrounding  it. “ Welcome to SkateLand” a unknown voice welcomed. “Go to the stand and ask for your size” ordered Mrs Tui.

I stood up cautions of my aching legs, and plodded to the stand. “Size 9 please” I asked. I slowly eased my feet into my shoes and headed to the skating rink. At first  it was hard to find my balance. A hour later I had improved, alot. “Can you help me Ierei?” I cried. I was scared to death. Before I knew it I was lying on the floor helplessly. I had fallen to the ground a couple of times. I had gotten used to it, and it turned into alot of fun. “You’ve got 45 minutes left” declared  Mrs Tui. I sighed.

“We will now be walking up Mt. Wellington” proclaimed  Mrs Tui. I sighed with a horrified expression. I slowly  picked up my feet and  dragged myself up the steep hill. “We’re nearly there!” encouraged  Ierei.  I felt like fainting.
“ We made it !” I screamed in exhaustion.  I sat down and concentrated on regaining my breath. “We have 10 minutes left” announced Mrs Tui.

Walking down the hill was hard. I was extremely tired and dehydrated. “I’ll see you tomorrow Hola” I uttered as I strolled down the hill.  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Activity Week Movie

Our task was to create a 3 minute movie based on our Activity Week. We learnt alot from this week, we learnt about different photo shots. I had the help of Salote and Ierei. I hope you enjoy!