Thursday, October 24, 2013

Narative Writing 1

Horray! Can’t Wait to go Around the World. My Journey starts at the Airport. Saying farewell to my family is the hard part, but going away was the fun part. The first stop is Australia to see my family and from there I will go to the Pacific Islands.

Finally we are here. . I work as a Babysitter so I’ve don’t got             so much experience in travelling like others But I can’t wait to travel around the World. In Australia my first stop is in Carins to see my Aunty, I can’t wait!!!! Especially when it is my first time going on a aeroplane.

“Hi mum I’m in Cairns visiting aunty Carmen.” It is so good to hear from Mum. it is also emotional for me as well because she has just found out Cancer is back.

Mum and I has been fighting Cancer for as long as I could remember. I am going to stay with my Aunty for a couple of  days and then I will go to a Hotel in Sydney. Such a fun weekend over at my Aunt's house. On Saturday we went to the Zoo it was so cool seeing loads of animals, My favorite was seeing  the Koala. On Sunday we went Chuch and then after church we went to the Pools and then we had lunch.. My friends and I spent a whole week in Sydney. Goodbye Australia Hello Pacific Islands.

Because of the money that was raised for me to go I could only pick 2 islands to go to so I decided  to go to Fiji and Niue for 4 days. Going off to Fiji was such a adventure, I’m going to have the best weekend ever. On friday we are going to swim in the sea explore the island.

The rest of the days I am going to stay home and pretty much do nothing, but on Sunday I’m going to church with friends. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do on Monday but I sure that I will do something fun.

Hay! we have finally arrive, the water is so clear that I can see the sand. Hot burning sun, cold refreshing water what a Day. Meeting New people and seeing new sights was Awesome. So now I got 3 more awesome days awaiting for me. Does time have to go so fast.

I hate saying goodbyes and farewelling family or friends. Going to Niue was such a Adventure. Unfortunately I Only booked 2 day at Niue so I was very upset when I arrived. But in the next two days I am going to spend it seeing family and visiting sights.

Today is tuesday and so far it is  going well. I’ve seen so many family and friends.  Can’t wait for tomorrow but at the same time I’m so Sad to farewell my family. Now I’ve only got 3 countries to go to. Which are America, Brazil and France. The first country that I am going to is Brazil.

With each country I am going to spend 2 days with each country. Yeah finally on the plane, I just realised that I don’t got my wallet. Oh my Gosh, please God I need you to help me. Now I'm thinking what am I going to do. As soon as I arrived  at Brazil I booked a flight back Niue.

As I board the plane I just realised that I’ve left it with my family, I’m thinking if I call them and tell them that I’ve left my Wallet they will look after it until I get there. Hooray My wallet is safe. I’m never going around the world again. So I’m off on the first flight back to New Zealand.

My highlight from travelling was meeting new people and seeing the different sights. “Welcome back to New Zealand” Hearing from my family was like sleeping forever and waking up. As I hug each one of my family members tears of joy comes running down my cheeks, and I think to myself  I’m home:-)