Friday, September 26, 2014

Gospel Teaching: Google Draw

The Parable of the Two Sons.pngThis title page is based on the gospel Matthew 21:28-32. It displays the story of the Parable of the two sons. From this gospel I've learnt that respecting your parents or elders is very important.

Diorama Evaluation - Jane's Group

Our pros and cons:

We worked well-enough to complete our diagram, and we managed to clean up our mistakes, and weave our ideas together like a team should. We really work together, we had no problems. We may have our differences, but that didn't stop us. We are proud of our drawings of the cows and painting of our paddocks.

We struggled in putting  more inputs into our Diorama, But we didn't have time. We  also struggled with our time. Time was our  biggest problem!!

My Reflection:
I think that our Diorama was okay. It's good for what it is but , it can be better! We could of put more inputs in. But from the past 4 weeks I've enjoyed cutting & painting. But most of all I enjoyed working together with Jane and Siniva. Without there help I wouldn't be able to finish it. I'm thankful that we got to finish it:)

Here is our Diorama :

The inputs are the things in the farm. Example a cow lives in a farm
* Tractor
* Road
* Grass
* Cows
* Shearing Shed
* Sheep

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Speech : Nature

Have you got a precious gift? I bet you treasure it and look after it. There is a precious gift that is given to you and me. We have a responsibility to look after it.
Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.  Have any of you been to Long Bay Beach.  Do you enjoy walking along the sandy surface.  Have you enjoyed watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset where you see the rays of the sun creeping through the clouds or reflecting on the water.  How about a beautiful flower in your garden at home.  How about watching a beautiful butterfly flapping away amongst the bushes.  Do you ever listen to the birds singing outside or the cricket’s .  ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL THINGS ARE CALLED A GIFT FROM NATURE.  what about them? Well listen up.
Whenever you go to a rugby game, do you watch them as they tackle and slide. Well if you think It’s kind of like they’re kissing the grass. Kissing Mother nature. In the Maori  tradition, the first parents were the gods Ranginui the sky father, and Papatūānuku the Earth Mother. We are all buried in Papatuanuku. We are fed by Ranginui.
If you think about,  when it rains it’s like Ranginui is crying. Crying on his beloved wife, Papatuanuku. Those tears are turn into food. As a society we should be looking after all these precious gifts.. Flowers, Food, Trees and our Shore Lines. We should be giving Mother Nature the same love and affection, she gives us.

Have you ever touched the dirt, thinking that one day you’ll become dirt. Have you ever been to a funeral. Seeing the graves of dead people, thinking one day you’ll be in a grave as well.  Whenever I think of nature this comes to my head. I see trees of green, Red roses too. I see them bloom for me and for you. I see skies of blue  and clouds of white, The bright blessed day and dark sacred night.
Thank You!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Speech Judging Critria


TITLE:   Nature

• audience is hooked in with an interesting quotes or jokes or statistical information

Presentation and Delivery
• Facial and body gestures must enhance not distract from the speech
• Use of eye-contact
• Relaxed stance
• Use of pause to allow the audience to assimilate the message
• Variety of pace

Content of Speech
• The message of the speech is clear
• Is it relevant, meaningful clear and concise?
• Ideas are well elaborated and supported.
  • Use of specific vocabulary
  • Clear sequence and flow

Argument is summed up
Has an overall impact Audience Reaction

             / 5

3 things I have done well:
  • I spoke loud and clearly
  • I paused, at times to allow the audience to think
  • My speech was relevant and clear

3 things that I could do better:
  • I could of kept eye contact more
  • I wasn't  comfortable ; I wasn't relaxed
  • My ideas weren't elaborated or supported


Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 8 Reflection

Week 8 Work Reflection
This week  I’ve worked really good on my maths. I’ve really worked well with my Fractions.
I’ve also worked well with my expressive writing, But I still need to practise to achieve my goal.
This week I haven’t worked well with my R.E, Not understanding the tasks:)
Links :


Expressive Writing:


Expressive Writing : Different People

12.09.14 Different People
There are different people in the world. Annoying, Depressed and Insecure people. I don’t really like people who are mean. TBH ( To be Honest) I see myself as a mean person. Being mean is like getting a slapped in the face. I don’t like being mean. I also don’t like people who bully.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Taekwondo (Second to last session)

Here is a video of our session from Taekwondo. This session we learnt how to do a High jump kick. It was a struggle. I personally can't kick that high. I hope you enjoy this video:)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

Expressive Writing: My Family

Blue - Simple   Pink -  Compound  
Purple - Complex

Underline Words - Interesting Vocabulary

Green - Punctuation

In total I have 4 sisters. My house is full of madness. Especially having my Aunty (from Samoa) with us. I love my sisters:)
Sana (my older sister) is 21. She attend's to AUT University. She is recently in Samoa , working on a conference. My younger sister , Alecia also attends Saint Pius X. I would describe Alecia as a bright and intelligent girl. She's very helpful. I really enjoy her company. My younger sister Angeline is very  naughty. In November she'll be attending Saint Pius X school. I love Angeline, even if she is a pain. My youngest sister Annabelle is just adorable:)

Milk's Journey: 48 Hours in 48 Seconds

Just from watching this video I can see that Milk goes through a long process.Milk is certainly worth the Money:) Farmers have to wake up early to feed them. Then the milk process starts. The farmers prepare the sucking thing's on the cows udders. Then the Milk gets pasteurized and clean. Without cleaning the milk, we wouldn't be able to drink the milk. The the milk is taken to a factorie to store in bottles. Then the  Bottles (of milk) are sent to Supermarkets. Where we buy our milk:)