Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Presentation

This week we are learning about Jesus knowledge. I wanted to share what I am learning. This week for Religious Education this week we are learning about Easter and Jesus. This can also help me with my Presentation skills. 

Holiday Recount

“Happy birthday Malia!” I was so excited that I just had to practice saying Happy birthday to my cousin Malia. Malia is Joseph’s mum.  “Hurry up girls we have to go now.”, my mum always shouts to Alecia and me. Usually we walk to Christian's house to stay for the day, and my aunty picks my mum up. When we went to Christian's  house, my cousins were making cards for Malia. Alecia and I wrote cards too.

The cool thing about making the cards was that it was pop up cards. My aunty Grace brought the equipment and my cousin Simone got the coloured pencils. For a while I was working on my card and then I went outside to look after my little sister with my cousin Siniva.
‘WHOOSH’ came Joseph, and said “my mum is here so get the cards and get ready” and so we did. Boom....Boom.....Boom went my heart. When she came all of my cousins especially me went to say to her Happy birthday. We were going to have a barbeque for her birthday. After that, my cousins and I went outside and play again but with my sister’s iphone, Alecia and I had to share. When the Barbecue was finished we went back inside. We had sausages, pork and chicken nibbles with other types of salads. Then it was time for cake.

My aunty Grace brought the cake for Malia, it was a mud cake. Alecia wanted to go to my aunt's house, that is Siniva’s mum. So we  asked her if we could go with them and she could drop us off. But when we went home no one was there and so my aunty had to take us back to Christian's house. We had to wait there for half an hour. My sister said we had to walk home and so we did. While we were walking we saw our house  and so someone was there. In the end I felt happy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Stellaluna is a Fruit Bat. She eat fruits. Fruit Bats fly they drop seeds which can grow a new tree. Bat’s also eat pollen, they go flower to flower.
Bats like Stellaluna live in the forest where it is warm, because they are cold blooded. You can also find Fruit Bats in Chicago, lllinois, and United States. They also have very strong feet. In the day they sleep, in the night they are awake. Bats like Stellaluna also can see in the dark very, very well. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Term 2 Topic

This term we are learning about schools in the past now and tomorrow.
We will be researching what it would be like if we were in the olden day's and imagining what it will be in the future. Our topic this term is Then, now and tomorrow at school.  Here is a picture of what I have been learning.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Term 1 Reflection

My favourite thing that we have done for the term was being with a new teacher and starting off fresh.

Next term for my behaviour I am going to not get annoyed from people who talk to much, so I can finish my work on time.

For my work goal I am going to try do better at maths because my level is very bad for my age.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oktapodi is a mini movie that Room three watched this morning. We watched this movie because this week we are learning how to share our opinions. The main characters in this movie was an orange octopus and a pink octopus.

The story was about this octopus called Okatapodi and  Okatapodi had a girlfriend and they lived in a fish tank at a fish shop. One day when they were together a man went to the shop and took Okatapodi’s girlfriend. So Okatapodi went to get her back. The problem for Okatapodi was that he had to get back his girlfriend. Okapodi solved this by holding on to the van to help her escape. There was a problem at the end too, Okapodi got captured by a seagull and so his girlfriend went and got him back.

My opinion on this movie was that it was very cool because it was very unusually for me in the fact that the octopus were out of the water and it was a very funny movie too.