Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In the begenning

In the deep blue sea there lived a parent like no other named Tangaroa and she was a God. Tangaroa looked like a mermaid.  She looked after all the fish and sharks, she was their parent, but the grown ups were her brothers and sisters. She worked as a doctor and a teacher. She taught her own children and she was trapped in a very big house with the King of the sea.

One day the wind was blowing hard and it was freezing cold, the King was in their house. “What do we do now” they said with fear.  Tangaroa had to escape but how she thought and thought until she got an idea, maybe they could escape from the widow.

The problem was that Tangaroa thought that the King was going to kill her and her children but the king wanted to tell them that the bank of fish was broke.

Someone went into the bank and they robbed all the
money. Luckily when Tangaroa and her children were escaping they saw the king, he told them the bad news. So Tangaroa called a meeting in Fishville City, everyone came especially Tangaroa's children.

“We have to find that person and fast” said Tangaroa . In fishville city the person who stole the money went up to the bank and gave it back. The people were amazed who the person was, it was Tangaroa’s brother Tawhirimatea. He told Tangaroa the reason why he stole the money. “It was because my family and my wife have no money so we didn’t have any food, water, clothes, and shelter”. “Why didn’t you tell me if you had to, I would have given you some money” replied Tangaroa. Tawhirimatea thought as hard as he could how to repay it back to the bank after robbing them.  Suddenly he got an idea and he said “I know I could work as a baking chef in the bank so people can get their money and free cakes, muffins, Cupcakes, brownies, and lots more that I can bake”.

The next day the bank was full as if it was just invented. Tawhirimatea made a fortune and he got lots and lots of money. From that day on whenever Tawhirimatea needed help he asked somebody.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Orienteering is a simple game of navigation.
Anyone can play because it is a simple to play.
Orienteering is also a thinking game because you need to think throughout the whole game, you have to think or else you will lose.
The clickers are called control makers.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Howick Historical Village School

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village  was when we went to the School. We had to be in a girls line and a boys line, which we do not do often at school.

When we went into the classroom the boys were in one line on the other side of the room, and girls line up on the other half. Our teacher Mrs Mills was very strict on us but she was still kind.

First of all she told us where to sit with a partner then she told us to read the date. Next we had to read what was on the board and it said “Whatever you do, do it will”.  Mrs Mills talked about Queen Victoria. In 1850 Queen Victoria was 18. Mrs Mills also talked about the map and she asked us where different countries were.

Later on we had to do some Handwriting. Some people use handwriting paper with a pen and ink, some had what we like to call slate, it is a chalkboard and chalk. Mrs Mills said “ this has to be the same as the top or else you will face the consequences”.

When we were all finished Mrs Mills said  “now class write your names on the top of the paper, if it doesn't fit then write it on the bottom”.  In the end Miss G asked “ do you want to stay at this school or do you prefer school now”. Some people said school now and other people prefered school in the past. I prefered school now because the children went to school in the past had a very hard life as children.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Te Wairua Tapu

The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit because it shows peace. The cloud shows the Holy Spirit because it symbolizes Heaven. The last symbol is the finger of God it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit because it gives us healings.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Typing test- term 2

Holy Spirit

These are the symbols of the Holy Spirit. The fire represents the tongues of fire that was on the Disciples head and the burning bush that was talking to Moses. The water represents how Moses hit the rock and the water came flowing out and God lead his people through the red sea. The wind represents when the Disciples and Jesus were in the room and the wind came and they finally realised that the Holy Spirit is with them.

Reflection term 2

My favorite thing that we did this term was Math Whizz because it was the first time I have done Math Wizz. My favorite thing to do on Math Whizz was the tutoring because there was diffrent types of math equations.
The hardest thing for me was counting back in 5’s because it was very difficult for me.
The thing that I’ve enjoyed about this term has been learning new stuff even though it was hard for me.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week Room three learnt how to play basketball. Our team was called the Giants. The other groups were Power Rangers, Bulls, Lakers, and the Breakers.My team only won once in basketball.First of all we went in the tennis courts and we surprisely saw a basketball pro in our courts.

Later on we learnt how to dribble a ball, we had to dribble the ball all the way to the cone and then we had to dribble back to our team, it was non stop dribbling. The name of the game was dribbling relay, it wasn’t that hard for me. The next game was called dribbling cones. It was similar to the other game that we play but instead we went around the cone and it was still non stop dribbling. We had two rounds for this  game.

The very last game was running and shooting. There was a white cone and a blue cone in the corners and the teams had to run around it and dribble the ball and then we shoot. We had two rounds too. In the second round we had to give the ball to the second person and the first person had to run the same way but when we got to the hoop the person with the ball had to chuck the ball at the person at the hoop.

At the end of the basketball session I felt good because that was the first time I've played basketball.     

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Holy Faith Sisters

The Holy Faith Sisters are nuns that started our school St Pius X Catholic School.  Margaret Alyward was the starter of the Holy Faith Sisters and she started our School. She started our school so all children all over the world could have a better education in life. Especially the children who couldn’t afford to go to school.      

Drama Presentation

In class during Drama we have been learning to speak clearly and how to speak into a camera.  We learnt lots about this last term and here is a snippet of everyone's progress. Check me out!!!

Rm3 Sonya all about me from St Pius X on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Koru art

These two Pattens are the guards for the king. The three little koru’s on the side of them are people from the army. They were forced to kill the king, but the guards didn’t let them through. So the people from the tricked them and so they killed the king. The lines that are between the guards represent a symbol of War.    

School Emblem Description

The cross reminds us of when Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The waves reminds us that the water is healing for when we get baptised. The top of the circle remind us that Jesus will light our way. The bottom of the circle remind us that the earth is God's creation.