Friday, May 31, 2013

Michelle's Visit

Last week on friday room 6 got a visit from Michelle, she works at the Niu FM company. She came to talk to us about how she became successful. We also got to ask her questions. She works as a stand up comedian.  Michelle is the boss at her work so she gets to leave whenever she wants. She is also a Cook Island, one of the her hobbies are Rugby League. Michelle also loves the Warriors. Heaps of people were asking questions. When everyone finished asking her questions we took pictures with her. It was a great experience with her and her time coming to our school. My favourite part from her visit was her giving us a joke. I can’t wait for the next  visitor that is coming to our school.

R.E Poster

This term we have been learning about the Holy Spirit and how it helps others. Here is a poster of what I think the Holy Spirit does.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Last Sunday my family and I went to the ZOO. We went to the ZOO because my dad’s work was celebrating it’s birthday. First of all we went to church, then after church we went to the ZOO.

Later on everyone was at the ZOO. It was so cool because there were people who were catering so we didn’t need to take food and we also got any drink that we wanted. Over 600 people came to the ZOO from my dad’s work.

After we had our lunch we went to explore the ZOO. One of my highlights from the ZOO was seeing the different types of animals like a tiger and a cheetah. The best animal that I saw was the elephant.

Later on it started to pour out rain continuously. So we decided to go home, I had an awesome time. Maybe next I go to the ZOO I would see more animals.


Today I celebrated my birthday with my family. In the morning I woke up and had breakfast which was McDonald's from my dad.  After that I had to clean up the house. Later on we were at church. Then we went to Sylvia Park to buy my birthday present from Valley Girl. Finally we went home where I got a big surprise from my aunty, I got a cake and shoes. After our lunch  it was time to blow the candles on the cake. Later on we had dessert, which was cake and ice-cream.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Making Sentences More Interesting

In room 6 we are learning how to make our sentences more interesting. Miss Leaupepe wrote simple sentences and we had to turn the smile sentences into a compound sentence. We had to add two words to describe the noun. Here are a few examples. 

The girls danced.
The talented amazing girl danced for her family because it was new years.

The man worked.
The humble tired man works  for his family everyday so they can have a roof under their head.

The boys shouted.
The loud naughty boys shouted in the classroom because they needed a pencil

The donkey brayed.
The ugly smelly donkey brayed for his mother who just passed away.

The fire-fighters hurried.
The exhausted stressed fire-fighters hurried through the fire because a person was stuck.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catholic's School Day:)

Today Saint Joseph from Orakei came to our school. I met a girl from Saint Joseph and her name was Fatania.
First of all we had a mass with Saint Joseph, they also brought their priest. After mass we went out for lunch, we had a shared lunch with Saint Joseph . Most of their school had palagis.

I even got a badge from my buddy Fatania. After lunch time we had a concret.  Some of our school performed and some of Saint Joseph’s school performed. One of my favourite acts from the concert  was  the cup song from Room 3. When the concert was finished, sadly Saint Joseph’s school  had to go home.

Typing Test

This is my highest score on typing test.

Saturday, May 18, 2013


We have been learning about water connects us all. We chose an island in the Pacific ocean to create a presentation about Vanuatu.  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Reflection

My highlights from this week was starting the circuit fitness with Miss Leaupepe because now our fitness is very different from last time. Another highlight from this week was presenting my groups presentation to the class because we saw the other groups presentations as well.

My lowlights from this week was weather because sometimes the weather was sunny then it started to rain so I had to walk back home in the rain.

I am looking forward to writing more description writing and learning new strategies for maths.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pictogram Blog

We are learning about statistical literacy. This means reading and writing about statistics. We learned about pictogram. One of the most important things to look for is the key. The key is important because it tells you what to do. Here is are example of a pictogram:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hurricanes Thailand Reading Activity

WALT ask questions about what we are reading- before, after and during reading

You are going to read about a child who lives in THAILAND. Before you start, you will need to think of 5 questions you would like to ask about life in Brazil.

How old is he
Does he have parents
Does he go to school
Does he have brothers or
Is rich or poor

Now click on the link and read about Phongpap who lives in Thailand.

Next you will make notes about these headings in this table.

Thailand is located in Asia.
Thailand means the land of freedom.
The capital of Thailand is Bangkok,
it is also the largest city in Thailand.
At school in Thailand they have school all
year except for April and October.
The children also go to school from
Monday to Saturday. The children don’t go
to school in April because it get’s really hot
and in October there are lots of celebrations.
There are three seasons in Thailand and they
are called wet, cool, hot. During the wet season
from May to October they have Monsoons. Monsoons are
big storms that bring rain.
The cool season isn’t really cold. April is the hottest month.
Most of the villagers who in Thailand
live in houses that are on stilts.
The houses are 7 to 10 feet above the land
so that they flooded during the monsoons.
Thai food very spicy.
Thai people eat rice with every meal.
Fried rice is very common
In Thailand their clothes are mostly from the western.
Thailand people don’t wear short shorts
or sleeveless shirts. Except for the Monks.
They wear orange cloth that is wrapped around
their body. On special occasions people wear
native cloths which are bright and colorful.
Most of the holidays in Thailand center around
buddhist and full moons or a seasonal change
such as the end of a rainy season.The king and
queens birthday is also national. The kings
birthday is in December the 5th and the
queens birthday is in August the 12th.
Thailand is one of the  hardest languages.
It is very difficult. For example “cow”
can mean rice, white, she, they,
he and the number nine.

What are 5 questions you would like to ask now? What else would you like to find out?

How do Thai people
celebrate special occasions.
Why does one word in Thai mean
a whole lot of other meanings
How many disasters did Thailand
Do Thai people travel alot
Do Thai people have as special
occasion for Queen Elizabeth

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mothers Description

My mothers name is Maria. My mother has black hair with brown highlights. She also has black eyes and short hair.She is a fair Samoan. My mother also works at Nutricia. My mother was raised in Apia, Samoa.

My mother loves to go to special occasions like weddings or birthdays. Whenever I am feeling lonely or sad I can go to my mother because she is always there for me. When my mother is sick I care for her, When she is feeling lonely or sad I help her feel better. She loves to spend time with her children and she works hard for them to get a better future.

My mother hates waiting for people and hates her children being sick. My mothers loves spending time with her family, but she doesn’t like going to work.

Without a mother you wouldn’t have clothes, shelter or food. I am thankful for my mother and who she is to me.
My mother loves to meet new people and to talk in her own language. She also loves to cook.

When my mother stays home from work she helps me with my homework. When something is wrong I can go to my mother. She also encourages me with my goals. The only time that I see my mother is either in the weekends or in the morning because of her work schedule.

I love my mother because she buys my school lunch and she paid for my netbook. She gives me water and food a roof above my head. Having a mother is the most important thing in the world. She helps me when I am in need and she washes my clothes. She supports me in everything I do and the last thing she loves me.

Thank you Mum.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Term 1 Reflections

My favourite highlights for term 1 were doing the hundred day maths, I really enjoyed this because it showed how much I have improved through the term. Another highlight that I really enjoyed from this term was helping Miss Leaupepe make our school emblem because it was fun and different.

My lowlights from this term was doing mental maths because sometimes I always get answers wrong and sometimes the question are too hard. Another lowlight from this term was drawing real life objects because I am not  very good at drawing and because we had to draw every detail that we could see.

I am looking forward to swimming pool because I love swimming in the swimming pool. I am also looking forward to playing in the cluster netball. The last thing that I am looking forward to is starting new strategies in reading and maths.

My main goals for next term are writing and maths because right now in maths I am below the level that I am supposed to be in. My  other goals for next term are to concentrate more on my work and to finish off my work faster.