Friday, October 30, 2015

E-Asttle Writing Test Reflection

This morning we had a E -  Asttle writing . Our task was to  create a recount writing about a family time. We had to complete this in 40 minutes. I was nervous, and didn't have much confidence. In this picture we had only started our writing. At the end of the test I felt happy about what I had produced.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Recount Writing : The Movies

Big screens, Dark Large Rooms, and Big red chairs. I love going to the movies, if I could I would go everyday. In the Holidays my family went to the movies, to watch a film  named ‘Pan’. I really enjoyed watching this movie, because it was interesting and unique. The day started with searching for a movie to watch. Until I found the  movie  Pan  . I was allured by its appearance and description, so I decided that we should watch this movie.

Since my cousin was coming with us, on our way to the movies we had to pick him up. And off we went. When we arrived at the movies a rush of excitement came over me. The cinemas was packed full of people waiting and coming in and out. It was madness watching this process happen .

The movie started off very peculiar, and ended off quite emotionally. I loved the storyboard and the set out of the movie. It felt like the movie was dragging on, and made me feel like I was in a line waiting. The movie was unexceptionally  long, but I didn't mind because we had nothing to do afterwards.

On our way out  of the movies, the cinemas had become even more crowed.  This was one day that stayed with me from the holidays. I adore this movie and hope to see it again sometime soon. The day concluded with the sun shining through, and a smile on my face.  

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome everyone to another term and the last term of the year, We have 9 weeks packed full of alot more testing and learning. Please stay tuned for more posts. Thank You :)