Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cross Country Recount

The day started off with beautiful shiny weather. I wasn’t  that keen on running but was determined to do so.  It was the day of Cross Country, an event that brings everybody together. Cross Country didn’t start until 1 o'clock, so we had some time to kill.

We had a lot of to do before Cross Country commenced. In Saint Pius we have 4 groups or houses, the whole school is  put into one of these groups. I’m in the Tui's group. Each group had to come up with a chant. Tui’s decided to create a new chant.

When it hit 12 : 45 the bell rang, and everybody lined up in there houses.  We all had to walk down to the start line. The first race was the Room 1 and 4 children. Once the blocks thumped together, all of the children zoomed off.
Then it was our turn. My hands were sweating and my heart thrashing with no end. BOOM ! Off we went.

As I reached the finish line, I started to run. Then all my pain and discomfort came to it’s end. I was relieved and grateful that it was over. It wasn’t quite over yet, we still had our chants to perform. We shouted as loud as we possibly could. The day ended with the sun still shining, and children smiling.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saint Pius Feast Day

The day started off with a beautiful glimmer. Children running around like chickens without heads. Teacher's screaming like the world was ending. This mass was cruel and every little detail needed to be perfect. All of the readers needed to practice, the slideshow checked and the singing rehearse over and over. What a day!

The mass started beautifully with a elegant song. The mass continued with beautiful readings, a teaching homily and magnificent singing and hymns.  I had the honor and privilege to represent Room 7 with my poem.  Each class in our school had to write a poem our Saint Pius X. I decided to write a diamante poem.

After the mass a cutting of the cake ceremony. Every year we have a big cake, which we share among ourselves. All of the year 8 girls had to help in distributing the cake. Before this happened Oscar and Sako had to cut the cake.

I learnt more about Saint Pius X as I do every year. This feast day was my last and bestest.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Magical Trip

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.59.56 AM.png
Thoughts jogging  through my mind. My mind spinning and spinning with endless excitement. This was  caused by our trip to Kelly Tarltons. It first commenced  by  walking down a blue and magical walkway. We walked down until we reached our destination. My first thought was what if ?  or what will happen ?

We were given specific instructions to walk until we reached the Penguins. I loved every moment of it. I wished it had never ended. My favorite part from our first activity was hanging out with my friends. After that we carried on as we walked by,  there were pieces of information for us to read.

The day continued with lots of learning for me, and for the school. When we extended  to the tunnel, I found this  fascinating and beautiful. I adored every bit of staring at the sharks and other marine animals.    

My favorite part from our trip  was the tunnel, because it was an great experience. I would love to go back to Kelly Tarltons.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Saint Pius X Poem

Our task was to create a poem about Saint Pius. I chose to do a diamate poem. Hope you enjoy my poem....
Humble, Meek
Loving, Helpful, Encouraging
He helped those who struggled, and those who were poor
Inspiring, Devotional, Spiritual
Sacred, Holy


Friday, August 14, 2015

Prototec Maths Test

^^^^  14 .08.15
vvv 24.07.15

My Response to Sean

Red - Independent Clause
Sean talk to us about shark finning. I think that Sean's work is magnificent. What he’s doing it very brave and inspiring. Especially when he’s very young. I look up to him and hope to be like him when I grow up. I’ve never heard of shark finning before watching this video, so it was a good learning experience for me.  I   think that it’s  very courageous  of him to stop such a bad things.

If you are interesting, and want to help Sean check this video out >

Friday, August 7, 2015

My First Hockey Session

Hockey, is one sport I find quite peculiar and new. We now have hockey  lessons every Wednesday. The first session was one to remember. I don’t like hockey, don’t play it, and don’t watch it. I especially find it impossible to  balance the ball on the stick.

The lesson started off with a warm up, which was running and crawling up and down the hall. I found that fun and tiring. After our warm up’s we started to get into the basic’s of hockey. We learnt the techniques of hitting and stopping. We also had to balance the ball on the stick.

I quite enjoyed practising these skills, it was entertaining and amusing. My favourite part from the lesson was learning how to balance the ball on the stick, even if it was very difficult and  tough.

The first lesson from hockey, was awesome and impressing. I obviously underestimated  hockey,  I thought it would be absolutely bland and boring. But it was the exact opposite.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Rainbow Fish

Opening Statement : Why he should of given his scales

In my opinion the Rainbow Fish, should give his scales away.
My first reason is that because if he didn’t he would stay unhappy, which isn’t good for anyone.

My  second reason is that because sharing is the best solution to happiness and joy. If he didn’t share his possessions, everyone would end up unhappy.

My last  reason is that giving his scales  would be the solution for him (rainbow fish) to have friends again, he would’ve been very lonely with his scales.  

This story has told me, that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, but on the inside is what matters.

The Warrior's Visit

Plan :
When - 29.07.15 9 :00
Why -
Where - The Hall, St. Pius X School
Who  - 2 Warrior Players , Students, Teachers/Staff
What -
Talk about themselves
How - Excited , Happy  & Cheery

The bell rang, Everyone  suddenly rushed into the hall like a herd of lions. I knew that  something wasn’t quite right.
As soon as I stepped into the hall everyone was in there lines looking smart and clean, and in front of them were 2 warrior’s. My sudden reaction is what I remember most.

I personally felt happy and excited. We (as a school) played alot of guessing games, and some boys were selected to do some rugby drills. I thought it was a nice way of inspiring our young students. I hope for another visit from the warriors.

I loved the way the way faces lit up, once they started talking.  They were  quite different from our other visitors. After prizes were given,  the boys started on their drills. I personally think that, that was boring. I hate watching rugby.

I thought that it was a great and significant way to start the day. I can’t wait for our next visitors.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Netball Tournament Recount

Whistle’s blown everywhere, short skirts worn, &  balls thrown everywhere. Yesterday the year 8 & 7 team went to the  netball tournament. It was a indescribable experience. It started off with a cold and cloudy day. I was so nervous my teeth shook wildly. The other teams looked very experienced and intimidating.

The day started off with the year 7’s first game, which in my opinion was a awesome way to start the day. Our year 8 team had alot of time to get ready for our first team, while we waited we watched a male match. It was quite different and it looked fun. A couple of minutes later our first game was going to commence. So we all rushed to the court to start the game.

In total we had 4 games, plus the 1 night game.  I especially liked meeting new people & mixing with different schools. I couldn’t resist but to feel nervous throughout the games and day. I had to make sure that  my nerves did not affect the game. I played as hard as I could, which is all that mattered.

I enjoyed myself, and I hope everyone else did. The beautiful, rough day ended off with a frozen drink. Which was what we all needed. I will always cherish this  day, and the honor of playing with my friends.