Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Legend of Te Arohuruhuru

Illustration of The Legend of Te Arohuruhuru
For Maori Language Week, We had to find a Maori Legend, and Illustrate the Legend. We found the Legend of Te Arohuruhuru. It is a very sad story, about how Te Arohuruhuru committed suicide.

Here is how the story goes :
There was once an old man who was married to a very beautiful woman named Te Arohuruhuru. One night, he woke up. Te Arohuruhuru's cloak had slipped off, displaying her naked body. He thought she looked so beautiful that he called some friends over so he could kinaki (brag) and show them his beautiful wife's body. While they were staring at her, She woke up. She was very whakama (embarrassed). The next day, she put on all her jewellery and her best korowai ( cloaks) . She combed her lovely long hair, and put two feathers in it. Then she went to a cliff near the village. Her husband would go under this cliff on his way back from fishing. When her husband's fishing canoe was nearly under the cliff, Te Aro Huruhuru started to sing. The song was about her husband embarrassing
her. As her husband's cone went past, She jumped from the cliff. From that day on, The Cliff has been called Te Rerenga o Te Aro Huruhuru, Or Suicide Point, And this point is out at Akitio

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Netball Recount

23.06.15  Netball Season
Who - Supporters, SPX Y8 TEAM
What - Netball, Sport 2015
When - Term 2 - 3
Where - AMI Netball Courts
Why - For Sport
How - Thrilled,  Intoxicated, Arouse, Motivated, Inspired, Encouraged, Influenced

Flashlights beaming everywhere, Balls bouncing around uncontrollably, Loud  girls howling all over the place.
Netball is a sport I love playing and observing. Tough is the best word to describe the season. For me it was my very first season, and being in a team.

Winning wasn’t an option, for some people it was. I didn’t worry that much about winning. At the end of the day I received something much better than an award,  I got a sisterhood in return. I loved every second of training, observing & playing.

The one game that stayed with me is the last one. I loved every second of it, I didn’t take notice of winning or losing. I enjoyed playing & cheering my teammates on. We have lost 2 games. I grew closer to girls I didn’t really know, which I adored.

The season wasn’t easy, but we kept our heads up. We are like a family, we always stick together.

My Holiday Writing : Longo's Game

My Goals are to:
  • add detail by using specific vocabulary and to give examples.
  • create mood in my writing by using interesting vocabulary, similes and metaphors.
  • use different sentence structures for effect.
22.07.15 Karaka
When - 11.06.15 Saturday 11 July
Where -  Karaka
Why - To watch my cousin in law
Who - My Family, My Cousin In law, The Crowd
What - A rugby game
How -  I felt excited, happy, thrilled, delighted

Mud splashing everywhere, Sweat running down, Balls thrown everywhere. Rugby is the one sport I dislike with a passion. Lucky for me Saturday was the day of watching it. Saturday 11 of July, was the saddest day of my life.

It was the day of Rugby, which did not give my joy or happiness. What did make me excited, was that the game was held in Karaka. Karaka is a small suburb or town near Pakuranga.   Not knowing was Karaka would look like scared me for some reason.

But that changed once we arrived. Karaka reminded me of being in the Countryside. The fresh air gave me great pleasure and delight. Arriving to the field felt like arriving to a pig stye, literally.  The field was filled with mud, mushy and  soft mud.  The game was not as bad as I thought it would be. It was actually quite entertaining & fascinating.    

The game concluded and a lot of photos were taken. I had a sad feeling that we were to leave Karaka. But I know that we may return some day.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Basic Fact Test

Difference  : 23
24.07.15 :
02.06.15 :
Basic Facts.png

Monday, July 20, 2015

Lectio Divina - Traditional Prayer

Today I learnt about Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is a Prayerful Reading. Lectio Divina is a traditional prayer. This prayer fascinates me, because I've never prayered it.

In response to this, here is my prayer:
Dear God,
You want us to clothe ourselves with Patience. Please help me to be Patience with others.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Matariki Actvities

Acrostic Poem :
M - is for
Many stars sparkling in the sky.
Image result for stars
A - is for
April, the stars of Matariki disappear in  late April.
Image result for April
T - is for
The stars appear again in the winter (in late May or early June).
Image result for stars
A - is for
A new beginning, Matariki symbolizes a  new year, a new beginning.
Image result for a new beginning
R - is for
Ritual crops were planted during Matariki to please the gods Uenuku, Rongo & Whiro.
Image result for crops
I - is for
In the months before Matariki, the Tui, Kereru & Kaka were plump and juicy from eating forest berries.
Image result for Tuis

K - is for
Kites, Matariki is a time for making & flying kites.
Image result for matariki kites
I - is for
It is a time to make plans for the future, and to forgive and forget problems of the past.
Image result for future and past


My Gifts

Learn : -  People can use God’s gifts/ talents for the work of the Church to help bring about Tika, Rangimarie and Aroha on earth.

Learn to know  you use your taonga (gift from God )  in the church to help bring about the kingdom of God.

Create :- Discuss your gift - e.g. voice to sing
good reader - do the reading or prayer
play an instrument
altar boy
cleaning in the church
Sunday school
Create a DLO to show how you use your Taonga to help the church

At church I use my taonga of, Singing. I’m not a good singer but I try my best to. Reader, I’m not as confident as anyone else is, but I try to use my gift as much as I can.
Last but not least Listening,  I’m not the best in Maths or Physical Education but I use my gift of listening at church.
I listen to Father Iosevo’s homily.

Acrostic Poem:
R - is  for  Restless, I feel restless when I start to read.
E -is  for Edgy, I feel tense and scared as I walk up to the alter.
A -  is for Afraid, I am afraid of making a mistake
D - is  for Desperate, I feel desperate to get it over and done with.
E - is  for Encourage, At the same time it encourages me to do better.
R -  is for Reading,  A reader reads a piece of scripture from the bible.