Monday, April 28, 2014

The Hunger Games 2

At the Moment I'm beginning to read the Hunger Games 2. So far it seems like an interesting book. You should read it!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reflection of the day

Today we went to Church and it was very nice. Today after church we didn't do much:-)
Also this is my Last Reflection of the day:-(
Take Care

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reflection of the day

Today wasn't that great for we didn't do anything, but for tomorrow we're going to Church.
That's my Reflection from the day;-)

R.I.P Bob Marley:-)


Finally I've finished that movie I've been Watching. Gulong Ng Palad which in English means Stand for Love. It's a very touching and understandable movie.  In the beginning  there is a Rocky Start. But don't worry things start to get better!! I've really enjoyed the Movie and if you wish to watch it Click Onto This LINK...
Enjoy watching, I'm going to watch it again

Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Anzac Day

As you all know today is Anzac  Day.....
God Bless and Rest in Peace all of those who 
fought in World War I 

Reflection of the day

Today was the same as yesterday, but today is Anzac Day. The highlight from the day was
looking after my sister and watching movies.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflection of the day

Today me and Alecia went to Diego's house, since both of my Parents of working. Today was cool, and it was very fun. The highlight of the day was making Anzac Biscuts. Tomorrow it Anzac day and I'm going to the Blues Games:-)
Can't Wait!!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reflection Of The Day

Today we didn't really do anything. But the highlight from today was having my Mum staying home with us. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today!!!

My Video

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Reflection Of The Day

Today we didn't do anything except for going to the Hospital. Alecia and I went to the Hospital with my Auntie and Diego. My Highlight of the Day was watching a Movie, and going to my Aunties house. Tomorrow we're going to stay home with my big sister:-)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Typing Score

Here is my highest Typing score in Ages. The very last time I went on Typing Test was when leaving my Previous Class:-( 
Take Care and try you typing test now!!!


This Animoto shows the pictures of the Movie I've been lately Watching:-)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Reflection Of The Day

Today is Easter!!!! Since it's Sunday we went to Church, after Church we went Christian's house for Lunch. All of my family was there and it was so great to catch up with some of them. There was so much food. After the Food we ate a Cake, and my Auntie made it. Then Siniva and I played on her Netbook. We took loads of Pictures and watch video Clips. I enjoyed myself:-)

Happy Easter Everyone:-)

Happy Easter Everyone:-)

Felix Pascha(Latin), Gezuar Pashket(Albanian), Zoriontsua Pazko(Basque), Sretan Vaskrs(Bosnian), Felic Pasqua(catalan), Furaha Pasaka(swahili)Ma'u ha 'aho Pekia fiefia(Tongan)Manuia le Eseta(Samoan)Vanuinui vinaka 

ni Siga ni Mate(Fijian)


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Reflection of the Day

Today wasn't that great, I didn't really do much except for Watching Movies. I've also done some Posting. The Movies that I've been watching so far is a Philippine   movie called Gulong ng Palad. 
Watching that movie was my Highlight from the day. Hopefully tomorrow would be even better:-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My thoughts on Mrs Carter's Farewell

16.04.14 My Experience On Mrs Carter’s Farewell
I thought that the Farewell for Mrs Carters Farewell was very Organised. I really enjoyed watching all of the Classes perform something for Mrs Carter. I’m sure that Mrs Carter will love reading our Cards, and I will always treasure her. All the Speeches were very thoughtful and moving.
Hopefully Mrs Carter will continue on her Beautiful Talent with other Schools:-)


My Family

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Weekly Reflection

11.04.14 My Weekly Reflection
What have you learnt from the health caravan this week?
From the Life Caravan I've learnt alot, Like I've learnt that Sleeping helps our Bodies Recover. I've also learnt is that Coke and Coffee has a type of Drug contained in it, which is Caffeine.

Write your thoughts on our farewell to Mrs Carter.
I thought that the Farewell was very well organised. Everything went well, and I'm sure Mrs Carter loved it:-)
Write a paragraph on your attitude towards learning this week.  Do you think you actively participated in your learning?
This week was quite a Learning Week, I've learnt alot from the Life/Health Caravan. I think that I've been Participated in my Learning.  My focus for next week is to Accelerate in my Learning more.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Experience at Harold's Life Caravan

Displaying photo.JPG
4 things I learnt in the Life Caravan:
From the Life Caravan I've learnt that people who don’t have enough sleep, more likely to become obese. It’s  really complicated but I’ll explain. While we’re sleeping the brain is storing away all of the Vitamins or Memory.

I've also learnt that there is  Steam in the Brain, which is very important. It helps the brain send out messages throughout the body. Another thing that I've learnt is that the Liver has 500 jobs, and it sorts out our food.

And the last thing I've learnt that there are 6 important Systems in our body.  One of them is the Digestive system, The Digestive system Breaks down our food into Nutrients.

My Maori

Ngaru Design

My Maori Design and the Meaning
Ngaru - This design represents the cutting of the waves when the waka travelled.

Maori  Mihimihi Words                 
Ko (name) tōku ingoa   -  My name is
Ko (name) tōku māmā  -  My mother’s name is
Ko (name) tōku pāpā  -    My father's name
Ko (name) tōku nanny  -   My grandma’s name
Ko (name) tōku koro  - My grandpa’s name
Ko (name) tōku iwi -  
Kei (placename) tōku kāinga - My Place Name
Ka haere au ki te Kōhanga Reo/kura o (name)  - Ka haere au ki te St. Pius X Catholic School.
Anei te miraka            Here is the milk

Ko Sonya toku ingoa
Ko Maria toku mama
Ko Sonny toku Papa
Ko Siniva toku Nana
Ko Timu  toku Koro
Ko Samoa toku iwi
Kei Glen Innes toku kainga
Ka Haere au ki te St. Pius X  Catholic School

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Prezi: My Recount

It's not really a Recount, but it's not really a Recount. It's a Prezi which is based on my Sister's 21th Birthday.
Just Click on this Link, and it will take you to my Recount or Prezi:-)
Here is a Animoto and a Stuperflix Video, it shows some of my Favourite Photos from the Birthday:-)