Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Netbook description

My Netbook was given to me at the beginning of the year.

My Triple E PC is Shiny and it is black and the keys are spread out. My learning tool doesn't’ have any sound because we have to have our sound off so we don’t disturb the other people in class, It only makes sounds

When I put the sound on and it will make all sorts of sounds. In my Netbook there is a screen, typing keys, a webcam, a mouse, and a button to turn on and off. It is also thin and shaped like a rectangle.   

My netbook is usually kept in a C.O.W(computers on wheels)at night. During the day it is seen in my tote tray or in the classroom. I only take my Netbook home monday-thursday for homework.  

My learning tool helps me to do my daily work online, it also helps me to have internet access.

My mini laptop is used with respect and responsibility. I also treat my Netbook with care and on the internet I have to be cybersmart.

We are some of the first people in New Zealand who get to use a netbook for learning.

My netbook is very helpful with lots of stuff. I especially treat my netbook with respect and responsibility.   


Miss G said...

What a great description Sonya, you followed the structure of this genre well. Keep up the good writing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss G from sonya

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