Monday, August 20, 2012

Apple Description

The Granny Smith Apple is green as a tree and it is shaped as a sphere like a tennis ball.

It is also very light to carry. It smells fresh and brand new and it is cold to carry. It has a creamy color to on the inside.

The Granny smith apple tastes sweet and healthy. The fruit is seen at the markets, Shops, trees and in children’s lunch boxes. It is also very bumpy, round, soft and juicy.

The Granny Smith apple is sour and it also has seeds in it. It is used for desserts, lunches, birthdays and lots more.

The apple is special because it is healthy and it is used for all sorts celebrations.  


Ana said...

Awesome Descriptive Writing Sonya. I really enjoyed the part of the story when you were explaining what the Apple is used for. Maybe next time you could use different sentence starters.

sonya said...

Thanks a bunch Ana, for giving me hints!!!

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