Friday, September 5, 2014

Expressive Writing: My Family

Blue - Simple   Pink -  Compound  
Purple - Complex

Underline Words - Interesting Vocabulary

Green - Punctuation

In total I have 4 sisters. My house is full of madness. Especially having my Aunty (from Samoa) with us. I love my sisters:)
Sana (my older sister) is 21. She attend's to AUT University. She is recently in Samoa , working on a conference. My younger sister , Alecia also attends Saint Pius X. I would describe Alecia as a bright and intelligent girl. She's very helpful. I really enjoy her company. My younger sister Angeline is very  naughty. In November she'll be attending Saint Pius X school. I love Angeline, even if she is a pain. My youngest sister Annabelle is just adorable:)

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Dawn E said...

Hi Sonya,
I liked this piece of writing it was entertaining, especially when how you said Angeline is very naughty, and how Annabelle is just adorable. Both sentences are very true. Again I enjoyed your writing and hope to see more.

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