Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Arrival of the Hokulea Boat

Yellow - Simple   Red - Compound  Purple - Complex
Today we were lucky enough to meet the Navigators of Hokulea.
As we walked on the field, I could see the boats. The boats looked like beautiful clouds floating on air. I was as hot as an oven, I couldn’t even control my breathing. As we walked down onto our quarters, Before us was a beautiful scene. It was so beautiful and breathtaking. I couldn’t stop staring at the scene.

I could hear the sounds of a horn, as the people walked ashore.  As they walked on land, The people started to sing. It sounded like a beautiful melody. All the schools in the Manaiakalani  Cluster attended this matter.
Throughout the ceremony there was alot of singing & speech’s.
It was a very emotion and beautiful Ceremony.

As  we walked back to the bus, I looked back on the day. I enjoyed hearing the speeches, and singing along with one thousand other students. I think that I was very lucky to be part of that event.

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