Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Expressive Writing : Comparing

Here is a piece of writing I have written this year, I will compare this to a piece of writing I wrote last year. Hope you 

It was a normal Sunday, I was helping my Mum make the Lunch. All of a sudden everything went still.  “ Malu just died”. When I heard that my heart stopped. I thought back to the time  found  out that Malu was going to die. I couldn’t stop crying. It was a very devastating time for my family.  The saddest part was that, he died 5 days before Christmas.

We all went still, I felt like bursting into tears but I knew I had to stay strong for him. He had been sick for as long as I could remember. He had his last hours in the hospital  with the family. We had to wait for my Dad to arrive home, it felt like waiting for a turtle in a race.  Everything around me was moving slow.

When we arrived at the rest home/hospital we saw alot of family, and friends gather in that one room. I couldn’t bear to go inside. I hated seeing my mum upset and sad. It just made me sad thinking about it. I hated the holidays, it wasn’t that fun or happy at all. In fact it was the exact opposite.

After the Body was clean and frozen, it was taken to my Aunt's House. Everyday and night we would spend our time there.  Everyone who knew uncle Malu, went to the house and paid there respects. One the Funeral day, all of the family were at the house. As I stood at the doorstep I could just feel the emotion and hurt.


The Samoan tradition is like none other. The Samoan tradition is very strong in Religion and Dance. The Malu is worn by the highest chief's daughter in a village, She is called the Taualuga or Taupou. She lead’s her village with dignity and respect. She dance’s the Taualuga. She wears a head piece and performs her dance. Us Samoa's use the kava at special occasions. Today, Samoan Girls use the Malu as a display. Little do they know the Malu is very Sacred. The Malu is only revealed at special occasions.   

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Nice article Sonya. I have enjoyed reading the stories yu have written.

From Dad.

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