Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cluster Culture Festival

On Friday 6th November 30 of our students including myself here are St Pius X Catholic School had the privilege to represent our school, at our very first Cluster Culture Festival. We had 4 different ethnicity groups including : Samoan, Tongan , Cook Island , and Maori. 

We were all united with the Liturgical Dance. We told the story of our school by dance. Our story commenced when the Holy Faith Sisters arrived into New Zealand and started our school. This is when the Maori people arrived. Our Maori Group performed beautifully. It was a great start to the dance. The dance then concludes onto the Cook Island group (performed by Aurora), The Samoan group, and ends off with the Tongan.

We were all reunited with the Liturgical Dance. I was relived and happy that it was over. All of our hard work and late practises paid off. At first I was definitely anxious. I felt proud of everyone including myself. After performing we all gathered together and watched the other schools perform. I was exhausted and could not believe that it was over.

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