Friday, February 17, 2012


I knelt beside/  next  to  Diggity.  He made no effort/ attempt   to get up.  His neck was a pulpy mass/  a lump  of blood, and his rib cage rose and fell unevenly/  bumpily  .  Dad scooped/hand out  him into his arms and staggered/  waver up the beach.  Mum and Lucy were already in the car with the hatch/  key  up and engine running.  The vet said Diggity had lost heaps/  loads of blood.  The outlook/  the view  wasn’t good.  When the phone rang / called  later that evening, nobody was in a hurry to answer/   response               it.  But Diggity did survive.

The story was half sad half interesting.I really like this story  because it is the only story that has Vocabulary  words.  My favourite part of the story was when  they fix up diggity.

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