Monday, May 28, 2012

Howick Historical Village School

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village  was when we went to the School. We had to be in a girls line and a boys line, which we do not do often at school.

When we went into the classroom the boys were in one line on the other side of the room, and girls line up on the other half. Our teacher Mrs Mills was very strict on us but she was still kind.

First of all she told us where to sit with a partner then she told us to read the date. Next we had to read what was on the board and it said “Whatever you do, do it will”.  Mrs Mills talked about Queen Victoria. In 1850 Queen Victoria was 18. Mrs Mills also talked about the map and she asked us where different countries were.

Later on we had to do some Handwriting. Some people use handwriting paper with a pen and ink, some had what we like to call slate, it is a chalkboard and chalk. Mrs Mills said “ this has to be the same as the top or else you will face the consequences”.

When we were all finished Mrs Mills said  “now class write your names on the top of the paper, if it doesn't fit then write it on the bottom”.  In the end Miss G asked “ do you want to stay at this school or do you prefer school now”. Some people said school now and other people prefered school in the past. I prefered school now because the children went to school in the past had a very hard life as children.

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