Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week Room three learnt how to play basketball. Our team was called the Giants. The other groups were Power Rangers, Bulls, Lakers, and the Breakers.My team only won once in basketball.First of all we went in the tennis courts and we surprisely saw a basketball pro in our courts.

Later on we learnt how to dribble a ball, we had to dribble the ball all the way to the cone and then we had to dribble back to our team, it was non stop dribbling. The name of the game was dribbling relay, it wasn’t that hard for me. The next game was called dribbling cones. It was similar to the other game that we play but instead we went around the cone and it was still non stop dribbling. We had two rounds for this  game.

The very last game was running and shooting. There was a white cone and a blue cone in the corners and the teams had to run around it and dribble the ball and then we shoot. We had two rounds too. In the second round we had to give the ball to the second person and the first person had to run the same way but when we got to the hoop the person with the ball had to chuck the ball at the person at the hoop.

At the end of the basketball session I felt good because that was the first time I've played basketball.     

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