Monday, October 22, 2012

The Mysterious Stone

Once there lived a girl named Angel. She lived in America, Mississippi. One day  while she was at school eating her lunch a diamond stone fell on  her foot. She didn’t know how it got to her or  what it was. So she think and think until she had an idea how to get to Mysterious stone back to the owner.

But all she knew was that this stone was a gift from the sky. She even asked her Dad what the stone as because he was a scientist. “Dad what do you think this stone is?” Angel asked. “It is a piece stone.” Said Angel’s dad.  Meanwhile Angel went around the country asking people if they

knew what the special stone was. Later on went she got to the last home there lived the wise old lady. Angel asked “ Hello my name is Angel, I just want to ask if  you know what this special stone I have been searching  and searching for someone who does  know what this stone is and what it does” Angel said as she gave the wise old lady the diamond stone.

“Yes I do know what this stone is, it is from the heavens. Every 10 years the dragons come every year and they drop down a gift for a little special someone. So the woman and Angel went to the dragons and went to give the gift back to the dragon. Angel went back home and she lived happily ever after. The End.


Ana said...

Awesome story Sonya! I really enjoyed reading it and finding out what happened to Angel and the Mysterious Stone. Next time, you should make sure that you read your writing again and again because when I was reading, I found some mistakes where you put the wrong word in the wrong place but the rest of it was very good. Keep it up:-)

Sonya said...

Thanks Ana, I really appreciated your help. Thanks again:)

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