Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Writing

What is a Mother Figure. Anybody can be like a mother to you, like you Aunty or even you sister. As long as they give you what a Mother Figure supplies.

Firstly  I'm very thankful for her, I wouldn't imaged having a mother like her. My mother has been through alot, for my future. I also wouldn't image a world without my mother.  She encourages me to try my best at school, and in everything I do.

Secondly My Mother  gives me things that I am very thankful for. For example she buys me clothes and pays for my School Fees. Whenever I'm sick she tries her best to comfort me, and helps me  to recover. I can’t be more grateful for my Mother.

Thirdly  she is a great supporter, everything My sisters or I participate in she supports us. I don’t know how but she manages to make time for her Children. I love her for paying my bills and giving me Supplies.

Through all the struggles and difficulties  I would like to thank you mum. For all your sweat or tears you've ever  had because of me I’ll like to thank you. Happy Mothers Day

I love you Mum :-)

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