Monday, May 5, 2014

My Holiday Experiance

05.04.14 My Experience in the Holidays
I experience some  events in the Holidays, for example my family went to the movies. It was also my Cousin’s birthday. The holiday’s weren't that great but I got to spend time with my family.
The First week was very blank.

I really didn’t get to do anything. Except for in the Weekends, We went to Church. For the second week, it was full of Excitement! First of all we went to the Movies, we watched Rio 2 in 3D. I really enjoyed that movie and I think it was a very good story line.

In the Weekend my Parents went to a birthday in Kawakawa.  So my baby siblings went over to Christian’s house, and Alecia and I stayed home with our Grandpa. We had a awesome time, we drove around South Auckland and visited some relatives. I really enjoyed these holidays, but now that they’re over it’s time to look forward for School!

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