Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How Catholics Pray

In the Catholic Church there are many places to pray, You don’t
have to pray at church. We can pray in the anywhere as long as we’re communicating with God. In the Catholic Church there are 3 major ways to pray, Such As: Vocal Prayer, Meditation and Contemplative Prayer.   

Vocal Prayer is known as Singing. We praise God by singing. In the Catholic Church we use Vocal Prayer to glorify God’s Creations.  Meditation is known as Meditating. We reflect or think about God, and all his creations. Meditating is also known as  a
reflective prayer. Communicating with God.
Contemplative prayer is known as a Prolonged Thought. It’s when we quietly rest in God’s Presence.

This are the 3 major ways of expressing prayer, as known as Catechism. Vocal Prayer, Meditation and Contemplative.

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