Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Holiday Recount

My Holiday  was a very emotional and sad holiday.  I spent alot of my holiday at my Aunties house. I couldn't bear the holiday’s. It was filled with alot of tears. We had to go to a funeral because my uncle died. It was a few days after school ended, My Uncle died.

For his funeral we had to wear this red t-shirt and flower, because red was his favourite colour. At the burial I had the honours of carrying a bunch of flowers, that were to go down with the body. Before the funeral, The body was at my aunt's house. We all had to say our goodbye’s and close the coffin.

That’s how I spent my holiday. I hope for the next holidays to be better.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed Sonya such a sad time for the family Sonya.

From Dad.

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