Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is Prayer?

  • What is Prayer ?
  • How do we pray ?
  • List Different ways of praying
  • What Stops us from  Praying

  • Prayer to me is communicating with God in my own way, even if it means praying in the car. Prayer is reflecting on something.
  • I personally pray by singing or reading the bible. Sometimes I talk to God about all of my problems, and issues.
  • There are alot of ways for praying such as, Singing, Dancing, Talking , Reflecting, Asking, or Praising
  • What stops me from praying is when I’m too busy, tired or distracted by something

My Prayer:
Dear God

I thank you for everything you've given my family and I. Thank You for all the creations and animals you've created for us, I also thank you for giving us food and water. I thank you for providing me with a loving family, and friends.
I ask that we have a good and exciting year.


Maddison's Blog said...

Hi I'm Maddison from St Josephs school Oamaru. I loved your prayer it was awesome. My teacher Mr Moore who came to your school he said it was fun so bye for now.

Sonya said...

Hi Maddison:)
As you would know, my name is Sonya.
Thank you for your beautiul comment....
Sonya xxx

Anonymous said...

Good break down of Prayers Sonya.

From Dad.

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