Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Term 1 Reflection

My favourite thing that we have done for the term was being with a new teacher and starting off fresh.

Next term for my behaviour I am going to not get annoyed from people who talk to much, so I can finish my work on time.

For my work goal I am going to try do better at maths because my level is very bad for my age.


Ana said...

Hello Sonya, I really like your goal for this term, I hope you get it done :)

Don't worry I bet your maths isn't that bad. But your right it was cool starting a fresh year with Miss G. Just next time tell everyone when you want to achieve your goal. :)

valenisai said...

Hello Sonya, they look like some amazing goal to me. I especially like your goal for next term and I also like how you wrote that you want to move up a level.

Next time read thought you piece of writing. Good luck

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