Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Stellaluna is a Fruit Bat. She eat fruits. Fruit Bats fly they drop seeds which can grow a new tree. Bat’s also eat pollen, they go flower to flower.
Bats like Stellaluna live in the forest where it is warm, because they are cold blooded. You can also find Fruit Bats in Chicago, lllinois, and United States. They also have very strong feet. In the day they sleep, in the night they are awake. Bats like Stellaluna also can see in the dark very, very well. 


Miss G said...

Great work here Sonya. You shared the information that you selected and gathered well. I really like how you said things like 'Bats like Stellaluna' which allows the reader to understand that you got the information from the story.

sonya6djr54f said...

I found this very easy because gathering information is not hard for me is like talking to a friend and because it didn't take long it was nice and simple.

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