Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oktapodi is a mini movie that Room three watched this morning. We watched this movie because this week we are learning how to share our opinions. The main characters in this movie was an orange octopus and a pink octopus.

The story was about this octopus called Okatapodi and  Okatapodi had a girlfriend and they lived in a fish tank at a fish shop. One day when they were together a man went to the shop and took Okatapodi’s girlfriend. So Okatapodi went to get her back. The problem for Okatapodi was that he had to get back his girlfriend. Okapodi solved this by holding on to the van to help her escape. There was a problem at the end too, Okapodi got captured by a seagull and so his girlfriend went and got him back.

My opinion on this movie was that it was very cool because it was very unusually for me in the fact that the octopus were out of the water and it was a very funny movie too. 

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