Monday, June 4, 2012

Orienteering Week 1

On a sunny morning on Wednesday Room three were working as usual and Mrs Tui came in, she said “good morning”. We said “Good morning”. We were going to do Orienteering. Our coaches were Mr McGivern and Irene.

First of all Mr McGivern told us about Orienteering. Our first go at orienteering was in our classroom. Next Mr McGivern drew a map, he picked 12 people, those people were given a piece of paper. The pieces of paper were called controls. They had to hide their paper anywhere around the classroom. I was one of those people..

After that Mr McGivern gave us all a paper each. The game went like this we had to find the controls. Each had a number on it. The people with the pieces of paper had to go up to Mr McGivern, and those people had to tell him where they put it and he would put it down on the map. Next we went off to look for the pieces of paper. After we had finished we had to go to the mat and figure it out the sentence. The sentence was “have a nice day”.

After that Irene told us what to do next. Guess what? we were going to play a game outside on the field. It went like this, we had to get into our math groups, but there were too many in circles so Mr McGivern put 2 groups together. Circles and Pentagons were one group and Squares and Triangles another. Irene took us out into the field, we saw two circles made of control makers. First of she gave us a piece of paper and it had all types of letters, it was exactly the same as the controls. She gave us a piece of paper again and we had to go to the control that was the same as the paper and punch it. After that Irene said “remember to run in one direction and don’t cut lines, get ready, set, GO”. Off we went, whatever letter that Irene gave us we had to carry on from that letter. I was very tired and exhausted from all the running that we did.

Finally we had finished and so we went back to class. It was my best day EVER!!!!


Miss G said...

Great to see you sharing your experience of Orienteering with your blog audience. I really enjoyed reading about what you did as I was not able to be there. I hope the next two sessions are just as enjoyable for you.

Sonya said...
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