Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossilble

Plot:    This movie was about a secret agent whose name is Walter Beckett.  His mission was that there was a bomb and he had to take this bomb to his boss but the thing was  that the bomb was disguised as a suitcase. He was walking to a bus stop. When he sat  down a pigeon appear. The pigeon wanted Walters donut  so Walter gave him a little donut the pigeon wanted the whole donut so the pigeon jumped on Walter to get the donut so when the pigeon fell down in the suitcase. The pigeon made a lot of trouble he was pushing all of the  buttons. Until Walter threw the donut up into the air and it landed on the buttons that connects to the rocket. The rocket was heading for Russia and it was going to blow up. Then walter had to stop the rocket. But wherever he goes the pigeon follows him. So walter opened up the suitcase and the donut went flying down to land.  Finally walter  shooted the rocket with a missile and it blew up. When that was done he landed back on land.   

Problem: There was 2 problems in this story the first one was that the pigeon wanted Walter’s donut and the second one was that the rocket blew up and it was heading for Russia.

Solution: Walter solved this by giving the pigeon what he wanted and he shot the rocket
with a missile.  

Your opinion of the story: My opinion was that this movie  was very creative and unique because the suitcase had all sorts of agent stuff like an computer, buttons and its unique style.

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