Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

One day Tom went for a walk down to the park with his mum. He asked his mum “can I go down to the pier mama?”. His mum replied “ok , but I have to tell you that near the pier there lives a dragon like no other, so never go, ever no, never go near.” Tom listened to his mum but he decided to go anyway.

When he got there he saw the dragon, his mum said to him earlier on “ never say never nay, never say anything.” Later on the dragon started to talk. “ What do I do?” Tom asked in his head. Next he remembered  that his mum said “remember Tom the dragon will bite you up, never ever eat with him”. Tom kept these things in mind. The dragon asked Tom for a game of chess with him. Tom remembered his mum’s words “never play with the dragon.”

A few days later they became very good friends. Tom and the dragon’s mums meet Tom and the dragon along the beach. When  their mums meet they both greeted with a nervous smile and with a hello. From that day on Tom and the dragon were never ever foes.

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