Friday, September 28, 2012

Going to Samoa

Last year in December my family and I went to Samoa for a Family Reunion. We went to Samoa late at night and we came back to New Zealand early in the morning. 

My Mum, Dad, Sister’s (Alecia, Angel, and Sana), My Grandma, My two cousins Veronica and Benjamin and I went on the trip to Samoa. “I don’t want to leave New Zealand” I said to all of my cousins, “I know Sonya but you have to go we will miss you all” they all said. 

Before we went on the aeroplane and the journey began, we had Burger King with my family. “Sonya and Alecia, we have to go on the plane now” my Dad said. I was very sad to leave my family in New Zealand, but at least I got to greet my other Cousins in Samoa. “Bye Siniva take care of your Mum, 

Bye Christian look after your Family especially your Mum, Bye Joseph take care of your mum and Jonah Ok, and Vera make sure you do well in your school, I will miss you all” I said as tears flowed down my eyes as I walk with my family to the Aeroplane. When we got into the Aeroplane we had to wait for our names to called onto the plane. 

Later on when we were on the plane, I had to sit next to my sister Angel and my Mum. Alecia was sitting next to my Nana and my other sister Sana, and My dad was sitting by himself. “We have left off in 5 4 3 2 1” said the captain as we lifted off to Samoa, 

I was so excited that I wanted to scream. It was also my first time going over seas.  As we got closer and closer to getting to Samoa my dad said “Sonya look outside your window” . “WE ARE IN SAMOA!!!” I shouted as I stepped out of the plane. It was very very hot in Samoa, 

it was so hot that was about to die. My uncle Pio picked us up from the airport. The airport was very different from New Zealand's , It look like the mall but with heaps of people in it.  It was very dark I couldn’t see anything. When we got to our house there was dogs around the house. 

Our house was green it was a two story house. We didn’t have the whole house to our selfs there were people on the bottom and we were on the top. There were only 2 bedrooms. Me, my Mum and my little sister Angel slept in one room and my dad and my other sister Alecia slept in the other room. 

Unfortunately there was no space for my oldest sister Sana so she had to sleep in the sitting room. Everyday my uncle would pick us up from our house and we would go to his house. There was a garage at his house. Sometimes we would go to the Beach if we could and then we would get an Ice cream. My uncle had two Twins, their names are Leaniva and Leuaina. He only had a boy and his name is Moe. 

The Twins were  both named after my Twin Auntys. When it came to the very last day in Samoa we had to pack up. I felt very sad to leave  samoa because I would miss the days when we use to go to my uncles house everyday and talk with my cousins. “Bye everybody” I was so sad that I cry the whole way to New Zealand.

When we got to New Zealand it was very cold than usually. I miss the hot weather in Samoa. We just arrived in New Zealand in the morning. In the airport we were waiting for my aunty to come and pick us up. “Hi Karissa” I said we finally got to go home. But first we had to go to my Nana’s house. First of all we had McDonald for breakfast. 

When we got to my Nana’s house, I finally got to see my family again. It was very nice to meet my cousins again. After that I went to Christians house. The first person that I saw was my uncle Sepolaga. I feel asleep I didn’t get to have sleep on the aeroplane. “Sonya wake we have to go home now”, my Mum said as she shake me to wake up. “ OK Mum” I said and after that I went home feeling better from my sleep.

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