Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

On the 17th of September Room 3 went to the Kids for Kids concert in Manukau, Telstraclear stadium. There were 10 other schools around New Zealand that were going to attend the Kids for Kids concert with us.

“Good morning Miss G” I said to my teacher Miss G as I went into the hallway to hang up my bag. Before we could go to the concert we had to have a rehearsal with all the other schools to prepare for the big night. “I can’t wait” I said to my friend Rachel as we stepped into the bus. Unfortunately we had to wait for all the others that were late to come to school. It didn’t take that long until we went to the rehearsal.

When we got there everyone in the bus started to talk with excitement as we reached the parking area. Finally we were there, this was my first time going to a Kids for Kids concert so it was very, very exciting for me.

First of all when we went inside the stadium we had to sit on the seats from tallest to shortest. I was sitting next to Savelio and Justin. When all of the schools were seated on a seat, a girl named Dayna talked to us and told us what was going to happen on the night.

There was going to be heaps of exciting events that was going to occur on the night. School by School got called by Dayne and the schools went to sit on the stage seats. There were so many chairs I couldn’t count them all. When everyone had a seat to sit on the Rehearsal started.

Suzanne Prentice came to meet us. She sang some parts of the songs through the day. The very first song that we sang was The Muppet theme song. At half time we got to have our morning tea. But we had to put our rubbish back in our lunch boxes. Some schools even brought their school bags.

When the rehearsal was finished Dayna went through again what was going to be happening in the night.

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