Saturday, September 1, 2012

X Country

On Friday 24th August St Pius X Catholic School had their Cross Country. There were Students who were ready to race, Teachers around the course to help and parents cheering for their children.

First of all the Juniors ran first. They had to run around the school, around the church and then run into the courts and run around it. “GO ALECIA!!!” I shouted. Unfortunately Alecia my sister came 3rd in her race.  

When the Juniors race was over it was time for the seniors to run their course. Their course was much more harder than the Juniors course. They had to run up to Castledine Cres and then they had to run down Apirana and into the school. “10 years old” Miss G said, “It is time for your race”. I was so excited that I just wanted to blow up. “Get ready, Set, GO”, off we went my heart was pounding.

I jogged as fast as I could, but after awhile I started to walk. When I got up to Apirana I started to jog for a bit because I knew that if I walked the whole way Mr Coakley, our Principal, would catch up to me.  He was running with us too, he ran with us because he had a rope the people who are coming last had to grab onto the rope and keep up with him.

I was nearly at he finish, I could hear the people cheering for me especially my Dad and sister Alecia. “Come on Sonya you have to run around the courts and then you are done” said Mrs Hogans.

At the end of the day I felt very proud of myself because I had finish the Big race!!

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Miss G said...

Great piece of writing here Sonya. I am pleased to see that you are using paragraphs more regularly when you are writing. I am pleased that you were proud of yourself, because I was very proud to see you when you crossed the finish line :-)

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