Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cricket Recount

During this term  we learnt how to play cricket. Our coach  told us everything about cricket and what to do.  It was really hard in the first place but as we started to play more often, we got used to playing cricket.

Let’s Begin! In the morning for the first lesson of cricket  we went into the courts and sat down to wait for our coach to tell us what to do . Later on we started our warm up with running, throwing, Walking and exercises.  

It was loads of fun playing cricket every week on a Tuesday. When we were finished doing our warm up’s we went onto the field and played a real game of cricket. Sometimes we would go out onto the field with our reliever Mr Blackmore and play cricket at the end of the day ,if we had finish all of our work.

We are so lucky to have coaches  from around the world come to our school and teach us how to play sports.  

“Pack up Room three we are going out to play a game of cricket” said our teacher as we started to pack up and line up outside.  We had to break up into two teams, one batting and the other team fielding.  I was in the batting team.

We played heaps of cricket. Sadly at the end of the day our  team didn’t win.

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