Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Life Education Van

Today was Room Three's last day going to the Life Education Van. The Life Education Van comes every year to our school to teach us more about life. We met Harold the giraffe.  Today we learnt about different food sources and the food pyramid. We even learnt about our body digestion. Their are three parts in your mouth that you use to eat and it was your teeth, Tongue and siliva. Then the food that you ate go's down into something we call your Oesophagus  throat. It squeezes the food down and it  moves around your body so it could be in  certain parts in your body. The next place that the food goes to is your small Intestines and from there it is broken up into small bits so the good bits could go into your blood in your arm and the bad bits it will go into the toilet.   

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