Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Lego Story

Lego Started a long time ago in Switzerland 1932 then it ended up in England. There was a wood maker named Oli and he owned a shop. Sadly he had to fire some of his workers, A few years later his wife die.

He first started to make wood toys, Then he thinked of some other toys that he could make. Oli had 4 sons to look after, Godfrey always helped his father after school with his business.

The name Lego was found on a truck while Oli waited for his delivery he tried to think of a better name for the workshop. When the truck was outside of the workshop, he finally saw that he could name his business Lego. One day while Oli was making a bunch of wooden toys a rich man was welcomed into the workshop. He wanted the toys to be sold at his shop.

Oli was given a piece of plastic that was invented, when he got into his car he asked his son Godfrey if they should buy the plastics. So that is how Lego Started. Even though times were rough Oli and his son still didn’t give up.

The Lego business is still going from 1932. My favourite part from this movie was when Oli’s son Godfrey  made the LEGO bricks come to life. I like this movie because it was really interesting to watch.

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