Friday, April 12, 2013

Pasifika Art

We used vivid and dye to create our Pasifika art. We used pattens from all over the Pacific to create our displays. This art represents us coming together as one to create something beautiful. 


Ramonadel said...

Wow Sonya it me Ramonadel this is really nice and it is beautiful I have been looking through your blog and I can see you been learning alot Keep up the good work FRIEND.

Sonya said...

Thanks Ramonadel We all miss you:)

ramonadel said...

Oh i miss you too we are still best friends for life. :) I really like your blog and when aurora invite you and ierei to her brithday can you tell me so we all can see each other again and i know where aurora lives. Do u like ur new teacher?

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