Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Term 1 Reflections

My favourite highlights for term 1 were doing the hundred day maths, I really enjoyed this because it showed how much I have improved through the term. Another highlight that I really enjoyed from this term was helping Miss Leaupepe make our school emblem because it was fun and different.

My lowlights from this term was doing mental maths because sometimes I always get answers wrong and sometimes the question are too hard. Another lowlight from this term was drawing real life objects because I am not  very good at drawing and because we had to draw every detail that we could see.

I am looking forward to swimming pool because I love swimming in the swimming pool. I am also looking forward to playing in the cluster netball. The last thing that I am looking forward to is starting new strategies in reading and maths.

My main goals for next term are writing and maths because right now in maths I am below the level that I am supposed to be in. My  other goals for next term are to concentrate more on my work and to finish off my work faster.

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