Friday, June 21, 2013

Alex Visit

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Yesterday the 20th of june, we had a successful person who came into our class to talk to us about his journey. His name is Alex and he is Miss Leaupepe friend’s husband.  First we started with a prayer, then Alex our speaker talked about himself.  Alex talked about his life and where he lived.

Alex is half Samoan and half Palagi, he was also lucky enough to study in England. To be able to study in England you have to apply for this scholarship which is called the Rhodes  scholarship. Only three people a year get to go to England so Alex was lucky enough to have that opportunity.

When he came back from England he worked for Trade Me for 3 years. Now he is working at the gym which is called Les Mills. Alex said that he was going to travel to America next  month to go around the different gyms. He also showed us pictures of England and where he lived.

When he finished talking about his life, we had  to asked him questions. I asked him how many countries that he has been to, and he said that he has been to 30 countries. At the end we took pictures with him. I can’t wait for our next speaker  because I like learning  more about being successful. My favourite part from his visit was him talking about Wellington and his school.

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