Saturday, June 8, 2013

Netball Tournament

On Wednesday the 5 of June I got to participate in going to the Netball tournament. First of all when I got to school I had to change into my netball uniform. After that Miss Leaupepe talked to us about what was going to happen when we got to the netball courts.

Then she split us into groups, the first group got to go with my dad and the rest went with Miss Leaupepe.

Later on we arrived at the netball courts, we saw lots of other schools warming up. When the others arrived we had to wait for a while for the games to start.

My dad and Mafu looked after the year 6 team, Miss Leaupepe looked after the year 5 team and Ella looked after the year 7 and 8 team. When everyone was at the netball courts we had to go with the people who were going to look after us.

Our very first game, the team that were going to play us were not there so we won that game.
My highlights from the netball tournament was playing with other schools and watching our school play as well.

I loved  going to the netball tournament because it was very fun playing, something else that I enjoyed was watching my sister play for the first time. The next time I get chosen to play for the team, I would love to play other positions.


Ramonadel said...

Man i wish i was their.At pt england school i joiend the netball team but i didn't go to the netball training so i didn't make it in and i also love the picture and keep up the good work and I also love ur blog.

(the ur mean your)

By Your friend Ramonadel

Sonya said...

Thanks:) I REALLY like your blog too. See u

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