Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nickson's Visit

On Wednesday we were lucky to have a visit from Nickson who works at Mai FM. He talked to us about his childhood and how he  achieved his goals. We were lucky enough that we got to be on the radio. First Nickson asked us questions,  then he chose someone to speak on his phone. He said that there is a new app, you can speak on the radio with this app. All you have to do is press the recorded button then it will go all the way into the station, and the person there will press a button and you would be live on the radio. After he finished recording us we got to ask him questions. When everyone was finished asking him questions, he pulled out CDs, posters and stickers. All the posters and stickers were ours, but Miss Leaupepe is going to choose 5 people to get CD and 4 people to get free clothes.  After that we had a picture with Nickson.
What I liked about Nickson’s visit was him asking us questions because we got to be on the radio. I can’t wait for our next visitor!.

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