Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basketball Experience

Tuesday 11th February
My experience on playing Basketball was tiring.
Some of the things that I’ve learnt about basketball  I didn't even know about. To be quite honest I don’t know how to play Basketball,  but I’ve learnt skills that lead up to playing.

At first I was really nervous, but throughout the lesson I gain my confidence. I have learnt how to do many skills. First we learnt how to Jump Stop and pivot. Jump Stopping is when your running and to stop you Jump Stop. The other skills that we have learnt was  dribbling.  

There are different types of dribbling like; ankle dribbling and bongo dribbling. We had to pair up and pass the ball to each other after dribbling. My Partner was Jane. The type of passing that Basketball use is Chest Passing.
After that we splitted up in two groups, it was the boys and girls. There were  2 hula hoops on each side and in the hula hoops there were 3 balls. From each from 3 people had to run around a basketball hoop, and run to the balls. The hoop on the right was where the girls ran to, and the other hoop was where the boys ran to. 

When that was done we had to go to the other hoop and try to shoot 3 balls in before the whistle has blowed. I cheered as loud as I could to keep my team motivated. At the end there were alot of sweaty faces and tired people.  What a Day!



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