Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holiday Recount - Going to Australia

Monday 10th February
During the holidays, I experienced different events I went to Australia. The most depressing event was when school ended. When school ended I didn't have anything to do. As the Holiday’s started to begin the days dragged as I  thinking about Australia. It was like walking up a very steep hill with heavy rocks. Some days were very merry like when going visit relatives.

Happy days, Finally the day has come. All the dreadful, and painful days had just ended . The night before going to Australia I had to go with my Aunty and Uncle. My Aunty and Uncle had invited me on their trip to Australia. Our flight was early in the morning, so we had to wake up early. I ended up going to sleep for 2 hours. I knew that when I  got use to Australia it was going to be hard to leave.

Arriving to Australia I wasn't sure of what the weather was going to be like. I've heard about it being really hot but since we were in the Airport, I thought that the climate was going to be like New Zealand. But I was wrong, The weather was extremely hot. The first week was a blast! Going to the Mall and spending time with my family, was such a memorie. Something devastating happened in Australia.

My niece got very, very sick and had to visit the Hospital. On Christmas Day I got sick, so the whole day I did nothing. I pretty much had the worst Christmas ever. New Years we had to spend 6 hours long hours Praising God, For the rest of the week was pretty much doing nothing.

The second week was very emotional for me. First of all not knowing that the first week went quickly, and second of all I was going to miss my Cousin. That hot burning sun is  like New Zealand. But I knew that I’ll be back in New Zealand in no time. We ended of the last Saturday by going to Movie World. It was located in Gold coast which is pretty far from where we were.

That day the weather was over 40 degrees. I was sweating like someone coming out of a pool. Just looking at the rides gave me unstoppable butterflies.  But throughout the day I gain my confidence. What a Day! Sad times, I knew this day was going to come. But to end off 2 long weeks,  We went to the mall to do our last shopping. Then it was time.

Having a chance to survive during a heatwave at a theme park was quite an experience. Finally everything went back to normal. We Arrived  in New Zealand. Back to Chores and Babysitting, I can’t wait for the next Holidays.

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