Friday, April 11, 2014

My Weekly Reflection

11.04.14 My Weekly Reflection
What have you learnt from the health caravan this week?
From the Life Caravan I've learnt alot, Like I've learnt that Sleeping helps our Bodies Recover. I've also learnt is that Coke and Coffee has a type of Drug contained in it, which is Caffeine.

Write your thoughts on our farewell to Mrs Carter.
I thought that the Farewell was very well organised. Everything went well, and I'm sure Mrs Carter loved it:-)
Write a paragraph on your attitude towards learning this week.  Do you think you actively participated in your learning?
This week was quite a Learning Week, I've learnt alot from the Life/Health Caravan. I think that I've been Participated in my Learning.  My focus for next week is to Accelerate in my Learning more.

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