Thursday, April 3, 2014

Asttle Result

Here is my Asttle Result, from my Asttle Test. 
For Writing I came out Level 4P. I'm going to Strive to Level 4A by the end of the year. 

Here is my Asttle Writing.

Good Friends E-Asttle Test   Sonya  28.02.14   

What is a good friend? A good friend is someone who is always there for you, they try their best to be there for you. A good friend always care and they always support you. Like for example; If I was to join a club a good friend would support me. A bad friend will not support or will think that joining a club would tear them apart. So What is a good friend??

I have lots of good friends.  They always support and comfort me. If I was to  find a good friend, I would look for a person who has a Good Heart. Friends  never give up on you, even when times get rough. Good friends understands you and helps you. If I was to describe my Friends I would say; My Friends are the most important thing in my  Life because they trust  me and I trust them. A good friend never forgets about you. Even when looking for another friend, she/he will never forget  you. I think a good friend always stand up for you. They love you for who you are not because of the Fancy shoes or Big hair. They see the good in you. They respect your decisions as well.

My vision on a good friend is a person who has a pure heart. A person who doesn't care what people say, they only care about their friendship. When I see people walking around with their friends, I can see that they have a great time together and are happy. Even when she/he are down, they  a Good friend tries their best to cheer you up. A good friend can be anybody. A good friend means to care. If I was to care so much about my friends, I would share with them and always give them company. A good friend in my family always visits us, they try their best to helps us when times are rough.

A good friend in our society always help out, when someone is struggling in payments a good friend will help them. When I need help I know who to turn to. If I am sad or lonely I could always rely on my friends. Friends can be anybody. Anybody who wants to be their for you can be a friend. I have friends all over the community. Friends don't have to be in School, they can be anybody. As long as they display what a good friend is.

That's what a good friend  is. They are formed in different ways but they do not forget about their friendship. My friendship is very important to me. I think that it is important for everyone. Friends help, they care and they are always their. Having a friend is being in a relationship. But this type of relationship is different. It is very strong and very, very important. Most friends support you but for the wrong reasons. But I prefer to be a Good friend.

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Siniva S said...

Well done Sonya!
I am so proud of you,
Keep it Up Sonya!

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