Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Writing: My Special Person

My Special Person
Date: 15.02.14 Friday 15 February 2014
How? ( How is she special)
Why? (why is she special)
She took care of me and still does
She is special because other kids don’t get to have two sets of parents, I’m so lucky:-)
She is like a mother
She gives me advice
She is a person that I could go to when I feel down
Even though she lives very far she tries her best to keep in touch with me
Even if she’s not with me on my birthday she still calls me
She buys me clothes, Food, and she gives me money for school.
A special person is a like a  Role model, you look up to them and you see the good in them. A special person is a person that you admire and someone who is special to you.

My Special person is very close to me, and I’m very close to her. I love her company and her unconditional love. My special person always supports and encourage me in school and in anything I do. I love her even if she isn’t there for me most of the time. That’s why My aunty is my special person. 

 My aunty is special to me because she is like a mother to me. Ever since I was a baby she has been taking care of  me, because my Mum and Dad worked throughout the Day and finish at late hours. I’ve always kept her in my heart especially when it comes to her Birthday or Mothers day.  I always try my best to spend time with her on special occasions. 

She is my second mother. She always tries her best to involve me in there lives as well.
Like the last holidays she invited me on her trip to Australia. Whenever I feel down or I’m sad she is always there for me.  It’s really hard living far away from where she lives, but I always try my best to visit them. Even for my 5th birthday she brought my Birthday Cake. I’m so fortunate not only to have her  but to be part of her family. 

Over at their house I’m the youngest but over in my family I’m the second oldest.  
So I know what it’s like to be the baby of the family, and what it’s like to be to oldest. There is a big difference between them both. I love both of my Families. I always got spoiled from my aunty, whenever I was hungry she would feed me.

Throughout the past few years she has always been there for me, even though she lives a far away. She always tries her best to see me. I love her and she loves me.

Element of Writing
R1 - R6
1. Ideas

Level R4
For me I think that it’s level R4 because it has idea’s that are relevant to my writing.
2.   Structure and language
Level R4
I think that my structure and language is level R4 because the structure is the things that are appropriate.
3.  Organisation
Level R5
I think that my organization is Lvl R5 because it is organized into basic Paragraphs.

4.  Vocabulary
Lvl R4
I think that my vocabulary because I think that i’m  using a variety of precise words.
5.  Sentence structure
Level R4
I think that my sentence structure is at that level because the Majority of my sentence’s are Correct.

6.  Punctuation
Level R5

7.   spelling
Level R5

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